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Driving Modernization and Digital Transformation at Generali Switzerland with an Event-Based Architecture

The Connection Platform is a game-changer for Generali. The data streaming solution we built with Attunity and Confluent allows us to replicate and stream data – not in hours or days as in the past, but in a few seconds.

Christian Nicoll | Director of Platform Engineering and Operations


Power a modernization and digitization initiative to respond to increasing customer expectations and regulatory pressure in the insurance industry


Build and deploy a new IT architecture based on event streaming with Confluent Platform


  • Core data systems linked with new business applications and channels
  • Entirely new enterprise-scale event-streaming platform rolled out in one year
  • IT teams empowered to do their jobs faster and with higher efficiency
  • Data replication and streaming times reduced from hours or days to just seconds

Like many of its competitors in the European insurance market, Generali Switzerland was at a crossroads a few years ago. The company was facing a challenging market environment with a stagnating economy, increased regulatory pressure, and rapidly growing customer expectations. Rather than stay the course with an existing IT infrastructure that was not originally designed to handle the 24 x 7 demands of today’s market, the company decided to launch a digitization and modernization initiative that would pave the way for sustainable growth for years to come. The foundation for this initiative is the Generali Connection Platform, a new IT architecture based on event streaming with Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka.

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