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Online Talk

Real-Time Data Streaming in the Insurance Industry

Insurance companies are facing similar challenges like all other disrupted market segments like the change of customer expectations and hence the need of differentiating itself new as a brand in a challenging market environment. But at the same time, it underlies a very strict regulatory pressure. Generali Switzerland, as many market leaders in every industry, have understood the power of data to reimagine their markets, customers, products, and business model and managed this change by building their Connection Platform within one year.

Christian Nicoll, Director of Platform Engineering & Operations at Generali Switzerland guides us through their journey of setting up an event-driven architecture to support their digital transformation project.

Attend this online talk and learn more about:

  • How Generali managed it to assemble various parts to one platform
  • The architecture of the Generali Connection Platform, including Confluent, Kafka, and Attunity.
  • Their challenges, best practices, and lessons learned
  • Generali’s plans of expanding and scaling the Connection Platform
  • Additional Use Cases in regulated markets like retail banking


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