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AI Vishing Protection

Recent advancements in voice cloning AI have shown both promise and peril. Discover how GoodLabs leveraged Confluent’s data streaming platform to help prevent voice phishing attacks.

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Counteract Modern Vishing Maneuvers with AI Penetration Test

Many financial institutions have implemented voice biometrics systems as a security measure to authenticate and verify the identities of their customers. However, with the rapid advancement of AI, particularly in voice cloning technologies, a pressing question arises: how effective are these systems against AI-generated cloned voices? As voice cloning AI continues to evolve, it becomes crucial for organizations to rigorously test and evaluate the resilience of voice biometrics systems.

GoodLabs’ vishing penetration test strategy is designed to help financial institutions periodically assess and enhance their voice biometrics systems and evaluate potential vendors. Their AI vishing detector employs a multi-layered detection mechanism incorporating acoustic analysis, linguistic pattern recognition, and behavioral anomaly detection to distinguish between genuine and AI-generated voice communications.

Benefits of the Vishing AI Penetration Test:

Protect financial professionals and their clientele from potentially devastating financial losses.

Perform highly accurate detection of both fake audio and deepfake audio.

Immediately process and facilitate instant decisions and actions based on analyzed data in real time.

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This use case leverages the following building blocks in Confluent Cloud:

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