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IDC CIO Summit Fireside Chat with Confluent-Data In Motion

[This episode is originally live on IDC CIO Summit ASEAN 2021]

In the world that real time analytics, cloud, event streaming and Kafka are hot topics, how does “Data In Motion” come into play? What are the core ideas behind and why is it a big deal to companies that are going through digital transformation?

In this episode Richard Koh, AVP, Asia at Confluent sat down with Dr. Chris Marshall, Associate VP Analyst at IDC, who leads IDC’s data and analytics practice in Asia Pacific, to talk about “Data in Motion”.


Richard Koh

Area Vice President, Asia Confluent

Richard is passionate about helping organizations unleash the power of open source solutions. He is currently the Area Vice President for Confluent, responsible for business development, go to market strategies and growth in the Asia region.

Christopher Lee Marshall

Associate Vice President, Data, Analytics and AI

Dr. Chris Marshall is Associate Vice President for IDC Asia Pacific, responsible for the Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence practice. Dr. Marshall’s core research coverage includes the development of Data Analytics and Machine Learning competencies and their implications – the threats and opportunities facing organizations as they seek to augment and automate their knowledge-based work. Previously, Chris was a senior executive in IBM Watson Financial Services where he led their AI-enabled risk and analytics practice in Asia. Before joining IBM, he held senior business development and management roles in big data and analytics at KPMG, Oracle and UBS.


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Additional Resources

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