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Welcome to the Streaming Era - A current conversation with Jay Kreps

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Welcome to the Data Streaming Era: A Current conversation with Jay Kreps.

Data streaming platforms provide all the tools needed to bring together real-time streams of data to connect the whole business. Data streaming platforms turn events into outcomes, enable intelligent, real-time apps, and empower teams and systems to act on data instantly.

Join Jay Kreps for a deep dive into data streaming and real-time technology, share best practices and use cases, as well as explore the vision and future of data streaming. Data streaming is foundational to next-gen architecture.

How are you charting your path forward?

You will also have a chance to relive the latest innovations and announcements from Current 2022 with the broadcasts of the following keynotes:

  • Welcome to the Streaming Era: Jay Kreps, joined by fellow industry leaders, will dive into the emergence of data streaming as a full category

  • Reimagining Data Pipelines for the Streaming Era: Join Confluent executives in this keynote to learn more about the fundamental principles to reinvent data pipelines, so you can rapidly access high-quality, ready-to-use data for your real-time use cases.

  • Apache Kafka: Past, Present, and Future: - Join Jun Rao, a co-founder of Confluent who led the development of Kafka while at LinkedIn. Jun will focus on the community and ecosystem that powers Kafka, the current state of the project and recognize recent contributions. You’ll hear how devs and organizations are using Kafka in their businesses and dive deep into what’s coming.

Jay Kreps is the CEO and co-founder of Confluent, the foundational platform for data in motion built on Apache Kafka. As a pioneer in a new category of data infrastructure, Confluent’s significant growth underscores the importance of data in motion across all industries. Prior to Confluent he was the lead architect for data and infrastructure at LinkedIn. He is the initial developer of several open source projects, including Apache Kafka.

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