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Confluent’s Premium Connector Spotlight: Oracle CDC Source

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One of the most common relational database systems needing to connect to Kafka is Oracle, which holds highly critical enterprise transaction workloads. While Oracle excels at storing data, it struggles to implement continuous real-time syncs to other data warehouses. Change Data Capture (CDC) seeks to solve this challenge by efficiently identifying and capturing data that has been added to, updated, or removed from Oracle relational tables. It then makes this change data available to the rest of the organization. Most enterprises seek to utilize this change data to enhance their real-time use cases, which requires bridging legacy systems to their modern data systems and applications through Kafka.

However, sending Oracle CDC data to Kafka adds additional complexity for development teams, as few tools exist in the market today to address this need. Confluent’s new Oracle CDC Source Connector, the first of Confluent’s Premium Connectors, allows customers to reliably, and cost-effectively implement continuous real-time syncs by offloading data from Oracle Database to Confluent.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Jumpstart technical uses cases by leveraging a pre-built connector that has enterprises features and functionality ready out-of-the-box
  • Reliably and quickly connect your Oracle database to Kafka and other modern data systems by leveraging 120+ pre-built connectors
  • Quickly scale horizontally without taking on additional licensing costs with Oracle CDC Source Connector’s native Kafka connectivity

Presented by:

  • Nathan Nam, Senior Product Manager, Connectors
  • Nick Bryan: Senior Product Marketing Manager

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