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Eliminate your Kafka Ops burden with Confluent's fully managed Kafka service

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Apache Kafka enables richer customer experiences and more efficient business operations, but Kafka ops can be a huge drain on your organization. Reliably operating a large-scale, constantly growing Kafka development takes away from time and talent better spent on innovation and optimization of other systems.

Confluent Cloud’s fully managed, cloud-native Kafka service takes the onus of operations off DevOps and frees them up to work on more valuable activities. In this webinar, Dan Rosanova, Group Product Manager at Confluent, will cover:

  • Why not all fully managed services for Kafka are created equal
  • How Confluent Cloud eliminates your Kafka Ops burden
  • How Confluent Cloud unlocks time and focus for other business needs

Register today to learn how you can streamline your Kafka ops and stay focused on the most strategic projects for you and your business.


Dan Rosanova

Sr. Director, Product Management, Confluent

Dan is the head of product for Confluent Cloud. He has worked as product manager and messaging expert for more than two decades and worked extensively in trading, financial services, energy, retail, healthcare, and logistics industries. He was head of product for Azure's messaging services and spent a large part of his career as a consultant.

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