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The Data Streaming Revolution: The Force of Kafka + Flink Awakens

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Follow Ada, Jax, and the NewLimits data architecture team as they navigate the challenges of stream processing to prepare the retailer for V Games, the biggest athletic event of the year.

NewLimits has seen unprecedented growth in the last few months, resulting in multiple teams processing the same data streams. This duplication has led to challenges in data quality and consistency, jeopardizing the upcoming launch of a limited edition shoe design at V Games. Without reliable, up-to-date information, the team won’t be able to map out the necessary shoe designs, production quantities, and delivery schedules needed for each region.

Can Ada and Jax deploy a stream processing technology that’s timely, manageable, and cost-effective in time for V Games?

Apache Flink® may be the answer, but self-managing it, like other open source tools, can be daunting. Will Ada and Jax crack the code on how to harness the power of stream processing or will they be thwarted by operational complexities, steep learning curves, and high in-house support burdens? Perhaps a simple, serverless Flink solution is the answer they need…

Join them as they return to Streamscape and explore how Flink and Kafka can be leveraged in tandem. After all, some things are just better together.

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P.S. In case you missed it, you can check out Issue 1 here.

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