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The Builder’s Guide to Streaming Data Mesh

Though implementing data mesh seems like a daunting endeavor, it is achievable with a well-planned and executed strategy. The effort is well worth the payoff; you’ll end up with an organization that can apply more of your development staff toward the challenges of data engineering, achieving higher data feature velocity and accelerated data value capture.

Download The Builder’s Guide to Streaming Data Mesh for practical guidance for implementing a data mesh on Confluent.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Map your data mesh adoption journey and overcome “data mess” and “data meh” challenges
  • Put each of the 4 data mesh principles into practice and build a successful data mesh using Confluent’s data streaming platform—leveraging connectors, stream processing, and Stream Governance
  • Build high-quality reusable data products and make them discoverable and accessible across your organization
  • Leverage patterns and best practices
  • Create a Data Streaming Center of Excellence
  • Develop a winning strategy to gain broad adoption of your streaming data mesh

Download the eBook

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Additional Resources

cc demo
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