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Apache Kafka® Reinvented for the Cloud

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Apache Kafka® has become the foundation of the modern data stack: one of the most popular open source projects today, Kafka is used by over 70% of the Fortune 500 to modernize their data architectures and build real-time, event-driven applications. But the open-source project alone doesn’t offer everything you need out-of-the-box to reach production quickly, safely, and securely.

In order to connect, process, secure, and govern all your streaming data across all of your environments, connectors need to be developed, access control and encryption features custom-built, disaster recovery and failover processes designed – the list goes on. And even after all that development work, the ongoing operational burden of managing Kafka becomes only costlier and riskier as it scales.

What does this all mean for your organization? Higher total cost of ownership, delayed project timelines, and increased risk to bear on your mission-critical data streaming projects.

To remedy this, Confluent has invested over 5M engineering hours into reinventing Kafka to provide a truly cloud-native experience with a complete set of enterprise-grade features, available everywhere your apps and data reside. In this ebook, you’ll learn how Confluent can help:

  • Eliminate your operational burdens and risks with a fully managed service that completely re-architects Kafka to provide 10X more elasticity, storage, and resiliency
  • Ensure your streaming data is as safe and secure as data-at-rest as Kafka usage scales
  • Leverage valuable legacy data to power modern, cloud-based apps and experiences
  • Guarantee high availability across all of your environments, while anchoring hybrid and multi-cloud architectures

Plus, you’ll learn how other Confluent customers – like Instacart and Michelin – have leveraged Confluent to unlock the full power of Kafka across their business .

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