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Apache Kafka® Reinvented for the Cloud

Today, Apache Kafka® is modernizing 70% of the Fortune 500’s data infrastructure, empowering real-time data, stream processing, and event-driven architecture on an enormous scale. While open-source Kafka provides a solid foundation, it doesn’t offer all the necessary components out-of-the-box to reach production quickly, safely, and securely. This ebook provides a comprehensive overview of Confluent’s capabilities and how Confluent’s cloud-native data streaming platform has been meticulously architected to address the limitations of open-source Kafka.

Common challenges using Kafka: In order to connect, process, secure, and govern all your streaming data across all environments, you must develop Kafka connectors, custom-build access control and encryption features, design disaster recovery and failover processes – the list goes on.

Open-source Kafka comes with its own price: Confluent has invested over 5M engineering hours into reinventing Kafka to provide a truly cloud-native experience with a complete set of enterprise-grade features, available everywhere your apps and data reside. In this ebook, you’ll learn how Confluent can help:

  • Eliminate your operational burdens and risks with a fully managed service that completely re-architects Kafka to provide 10X more elasticity, storage, and resiliency
  • Ensure your streaming data is as safe and secure as data-at-rest as Kafka usage scales
  • Leverage valuable legacy data to power modern, cloud-based apps and experiences
  • Guarantee high availability across all of your environments, while anchoring hybrid and multi-cloud architectures

Plus, you’ll learn how other Confluent customers – like Instacart and Michelin – have leveraged Confluent to unlock the full power of Kafka across their business.

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Additional Resources

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