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Demo Series: Learn the Confluent Q3 ‘21 Release

Available On-Demand

The Confluent Q3 ‘21 Release is packed full of new features enabling teams around the world to continue building innovative, mission-critical applications fueled by data in motion. This 4-part webinar series will provide you with once-a-day, bite-sized tutorials for how to get started with all the latest capabilities available on the platform.

You’ll learn:

  • Cloud Cluster Linking - Simplify geo-replication to increase reliability of your global Kafka deployment with fully managed cluster linking
  • ksqlDB Pull Queries - Broaden the capabilities of your stream processing apps with ksqlDB’s pull queries and point-in-time lookups on real-time materialized views
  • Infinite Storage - Enhance data-in-motion apps with a broader set of data leveraging infinite, cost-effective storage within Kafka
  • Salesforce Platform Events Source Connector - Share valuable customer data from Salesforce with your cloud data warehouse to unlock business intelligence and analytics use cases

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