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IDC Tech Brief: Why Real-Time Streaming Technology Is Critical to Innovation and Gaining a Competitive Advantage

In this IDC Tech Brief, we share our research on streaming data platforms, and the advantages they’re bringing for innovation, improved operational efficiency, ROI, and more.

The amount of accessible data just keeps growing, and so does the diversity and distribution of that data. Access to real-time data streams, analytics, and business insights is quickly becoming essential for companies across all industries, from finance and retail, to insurance companies and manufacturing.

As a result, data management solutions are shifting accordingly, from batch processing to real-time streams. New technology platforms are emerging to handle the complexity of real-time data and in turn, help businesses make more data-driven decisions.

IDC’s research finds that technology to support real-time data streaming is in high demand, especially with skills shortages and huge data volumes. Managed solutions are growing in popularity. The benefits of data streaming include:

  • Security and governance
  • Automated scalability
  • Better cost controls and efficiency
  • Modernized, streamlined applications that use data in real time

This IDC Tech Brief offers more details and results from its research on streaming platforms, including:

  • Over 70% of companies have indicated that they plan on using managed services for their future streaming data projects
  • Today, about 44% of North American enterprises are processing streaming data as part of their overall DataOps solutions
  • Real-time data allows for innovation that helps businesses differentiate and disrupt. Improved operational efficiency top business case for making the investment for new streaming data capabilities in the next 12–18 months

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