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Global Resilience

Make Apache Kafka® clusters globally available without complexity

Confluent Platform offers a comprehensive solution for building hybrid architectures with a secure, reliable, and cost-effective bridge between on-prem and cloud environments and building Kafka clusters that are disaster resilient.


Cluster Linking

Cluster Linking is an easy-to-use, secure, and cost-effective geo-replication solution to create a highly available, consistent, and real-time bridge between on-prem & cloud environments and provide teams with self-service access to data wherever it resides in your organization.

Multi-Region Clusters

Multi-Region Clusters is a disaster recovery solution that allows a single Kafka cluster to run across multiple data centers, providing enterprises with the operational simplicity of stretch cluster architecture without the typical tradeoff between throughput and disaster resilience.


Replicator enables easy replication of topics from one Kafka cluster to another, providing reliable, asynchronous replication built on the Kafka Connect framework.

Build a real-time bridge to the cloud

Accelerated enterprise journey to cloud

Create a highly available, consistent, and real-time bridge between on-prem and cloud environments and maintain trusted, compatible data streams by sharing schemas that sync in real time.

Secure data replication

Share data in real-time across hybrid environments without opening up on-prem firewalls. Cluster links that originate from the source cluster enable secure data migration and replication without requiring InfoSec exceptions and improve delivery time for hybrid cloud workloads.

Bridge to Confluent Cloud

Offload cluster management to the world’s foremost Kafka experts by using Cluster Linking to bridge your self-managed clusters to a fully managed service in Confluent Cloud.

Bridge to the cloud

Minimize geo-replication complexity

Minimizing complexity

Simplified deployment

Eliminate the need to manage and maintain additional infrastructure required by Connect-based systems like MirrorMaker2 and simplify operations by using a single, globally consistent connection that's easier to monitor and secure.

Self-service access to data

Provide self-service access to data in real-time across the business with globally connected clusters regardless of where they reside.

Perfectly mirrored data

Ensure that topic offsets are preserved from one cluster to another by default without any additional tooling required, providing perfectly mirrored replication between clusters.

Achieve faster recovery time

Minimize recovery time objectives

Build mission-critical applications with high uptime SLAs on top of Kafka rather than legacy, batch-oriented systems. With support for automated client failover, Multi-Region Clusters enable Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) to be measured in seconds rather than hours.

Elimination of data loss for high priority topics

Ensure Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) of 0 for topics with the most sensitive data. Multi-Region Clusters offer a choice between synchronous or asynchronous partition replication on a per topic basis.

Faster recovery time