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Optimize Search and Analytics with Real-Time Data Streaming

Elastic and Confluent provide their customers a better overall experience building contextual data driven applications leveraging a modern document-based distributed database. Confluent provides distributed, scalable, and secure data delivery that can scale to handle trillions of events a day with Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud. Elastic offers secure and flexible data storage, aggregation and search & real-time analytics platform — that can be deployed either on premise or Elastic Cloud.


Why Confluent with Elastic?

Ingest, Aggregate & Store Sensor Data

Integrate security event and sensor data into a single distributed, scalable, and persistent platform

Transform, Process & Analyze

Blend varied data streams using Kafka Streams or KSQL for richer threat detection, investigation, and real-time analysis

Share Data to Any Source

Send aggregated data to any connected source, including SIEM indexes, search, & custom apps

Enable New Anomaly Detection Capabilities

Unlock insights in SIEM data by running new machine learning and artificial intelligence models

Confluent and Elastic Integration

The Elasticsearch sink connector helps you integrate Apache Kafka® and Elasticsearch with minimum effort. You can take data you’ve stored in Kafka and stream it into Elasticsearch to then be used for log analysis, security analytics, or full-text search. Alternatively, you can perform real-time analytics on this data or use it with other applications like Kibana.



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