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Data Pipeline to the Cloud

Enable data mobility between multi-cloud and on-premises to accelerate innovation, liberate your developers from operations burden and build a seamless and persistent bridge across your hybrid and multi-cloud deployment.

As companies adopt the cloud, they may discover that migrating to the cloud is not a simple, one-time project - it's a much harder task than building new cloud-native applications. Keeping the old legacy stack and the new cloud applications in sync, with a single cohesive global information system is critical.

Confluent enables large scale, big data pipelines that automate data in motion across any systems, applications, and architectures at massive scale. Aggregate, transform, and move data from on-premises legacy services, private clouds, or public clouds and into your apps from a central data pipeline for powerful insights and analytics.

Why a Hybrid-Cloud Data Pipeline?

How Modern Hybrid-Cloud Data Pipelines Work

The first step for any sound data strategy is to combine data from all sources for a unified view. Modern tools can not only extract, transform, and load data in real-time, they're optimized to ingest data in all formats, from any data store, including cloud-based SaaS applications, to data warehouses and databases with a smooth stream of data flow.

Confluent is the industry's most powerful solution that leverages the power of Apache Kafka. With over 140 pre-built connectors, any organization can build durable, low latency, streaming data pipelines that handle millions of real-time events per second with added stream processing and real-time ETL capabilities. Empower timely analytics and business intelligence applications while maintaining data integrity.

How Confluent Can Help

Confluent delivers continuous, real-time data integration across all applications, systems, and IoT devices to unify data in real-time.

Instant Data Integration

Updates and historical data from all corners of the business available in one place for analytics and insight independently of each other

Real-Time Data and Analytics

Access real-time data as it's generated without sacrificing data quality, consistency, or security. Get powerful real-time insights, and analytics in milliseconds, unlocking new business value and new customer experiences


Free up engineers and IT from endless monitoring, configurations, and maintenance. Save on development costs and improve organizational efficiency

Infinite Scale

Scale your data infrastructure to meet and manage current, future and peak data volumes

Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Connect to data regardless where it resides - on-prem data silos, cloud services, or serverless infrastructure

Broad Connectivity

Scalable, fault-tolerant data import and export to over a hundred data systems


Get all the features you need in a single multi-cloud data platform.

100+ Connectors

100+ pre-built connectors across cloud providers, best-of-breed open source, and SaaS technologies to build a unified data pipeline

Schema Registry

Enforce consistent data formats, enable centralized policy enforcement and data governance, and true data integrity at scale


Provide complete and robust stream processing and data transformation capabilities with a low barrier to entry

Data Replication

Easily duplicate topics across clusters with Confluent replicator to build multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud data pipelines.

Cloud Availability

Fully-managed offerings on AWS, Azure, GCP via Confluent or cloud marketplaces, or self-managed in your choice cloud using Kubernetes.

Centralized Management

Build, visualize, and monitor simple, performant, fast streaming data pipelines that feed between your on-premises, cloud, and serverless applications.

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