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ACERTUS Integrates Real-Time Data Across Three Distinct Businesses with Confluent Cloud

”Confluent serves as a central nervous system connecting core ACERTUS systems, including our transportation management, title and registration, and car haul systems.”

Jeffrey Jennings | VP of Data Integration Services


Integrating core data systems across three key businesses, and being able to process customer data in real time.


Confluent provides upstream and downstream real-time access to data in all areas across the business, allowing ACERTUS to build new event-driven features, reports, and analytics, and provide superior customer service and real-time experiences.


  • Increase in profit margin resulting in millions in revenue
  • Payable optimization for customers
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by freeing up FTEs from running Kafka or building connectors
  • Increased team efficiency and agility with self-service data access
Acertus second photo

Through acquisitions over the years, ACERTUS assembled its comprehensive array of vehicle lifecycle solutions. However, the data systems of those companies had not been well integrated. As a result, teams relied heavily on manual processes involving email, phone calls, spreadsheets, and even Zendesk tickets to move data between systems when new orders were created or updated. The manual workflows were labor-intensive and prone to errors and delays as order information was manually typed or copied from system to system.

Upon hearing about Confluent from a vendor, Jeffrey Jennings, the VP of data integration services, started looking into whether Confluent might be the answer to ACERTUS’ challenges. "What made Confluent stand out from the competition was support and the forward-thinking nature of the company backed up by execution."

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