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Risk Focus

Risk Focus Delivers Order Management Platform at Top 5 Global Bank

The wealth management division of a top 5 global bank engaged Risk Focus to re-architect its order management system using Kafka. Risk focus worked closely with Confluent to deliver a re-architected streaming application that efficiently, reliably, and securely handles orders for the client’s entire line of products.

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The client’s proprietary trade order management system was in need of a technology refresh in order to provide greater throughput, resiliency, and fault tolerance. The new platform had to meet the following requirements:

• Process a minimum of 250 orders per second with the ability to scale linearly • Real-time replication across multiple data centers • Recovery of messages from a specific point in time (in case of unavailability of external systems) • Message sequence guarantees for all events related to the same trade order • Elimination of single points of failure


Risk Focus worked closely with Confluent to develop an extensive fault-testing plan for the client’s application while the Confluent team worked to help build out the extensive platform deployment.


Risk Focus worked closely with Confluent to deliver a high-performance, resilient order management system for the client. The Risk Focus team successfully delivered the entire system on budget and according to the client’s specifications. As a result, the client now has an application that can handle orders for its entire line of products in a highly available, fault-tolerant system.

Tom Arnemann

Global Delivery Director, Services

“Risk Focus’s expert knowledge of trading systems complemented Confluent’s expertise with Kafka-based architectures to successfully redesign this mission-critical system. Risk Focus’s attention to detail, combined with its iterative approach to software development, ensured that the client’s business needs would be met by the new streaming platform.”

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