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Introducing Confluent’s Migration Accelerator: Accelerate Your Journey to a Complete Data Streaming Platform

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Confluent's new Migration Accelerator program will jump-start your data streaming journey by seamlessly migrating from any version of Apache Kafka® or traditional messaging systems to Confluent. By migrating to the leading data streaming platform, you can save money while transitioning to a complete, cloud-native platform that can be deployed anywhere. Take advantage of our migration “easy button” and leverage our partner ecosystem to augment your team, fund migrations (subject to approval), and accelerate your migration journey with tailored migration offerings. Your data streaming evolution just got faster with Confluent’s Migration Accelerator.

A strategic approach

While open source Kafka has gained extensive adoption, managing it independently over time can present substantial operational challenges. The intricacies involved in building low-level tooling and sustaining platform performance often divert resources from more valuable projects. Recognizing this, Confluent has helped over 4,900+ global enterprises start their data streaming journey and was recently named a Leader by Forrester Research in The Forrester Wave™: Streaming Data Platforms, Q4 2023.

However, as enterprises turned to Apache Kafka and other traditional messaging systems like TIBCO, IBM MQ, or ActiveMQ, etc. different challenges began to emerge. These challenges include scale, performance, management, and security that limit organizations from innovating quickly and subsequently increase the risk of a system outage. 

Migrating from traditional messaging systems or open source Kafka deployments to Confluent requires ample planning, skilled staff, engineering time, and other additional upfront investments. This process can seem daunting, especially without experts to guide development teams through the process.

The Confluent Migration Accelerator aims to alleviate the challenges and complexities associated with migration, enabling organizations to focus on high-value projects instead of spending valuable time and resources on low-level tooling and maintaining platform performance. By migrating to the leading data streaming platform, you can save money while transitioning to a complete, cloud-native platform that can be deployed anywhere.

Upgrade with confidence to the leading data streaming platform

Migrate effortlessly to the leading cloud-native and complete data streaming platform that can be deployed anywhere, be it on-prem, hybrid cloud, or multicloud deployments.

  • Cloud-native excellence: Confluent offers a re-architected Apache Kafka, utilizing the proprietary Kora engine, ensuring a 10x improvement in cloud service. Confluent's cloud-native platform optimizes multi-tenancy, elasticity, data balancing, and network costs, resulting in substantial infrastructure cost savings.

  • Complete data streaming platform: Confluent’s comprehensive, enterprise-grade data streaming platform is equipped with all the essential tools to empower your developers to build swiftly, reliably, and securely.

  • Deployment flexibility: Enjoy unparalleled freedom in deploying Kafka, transcending from on-premises to the cloud and across various cloud environments. Confluent ensures flexibility, adapting to your unique deployment needs.

Save money and time

Move to Confluent to unlock significant cost savings in comparison to traditional data streaming platforms. This has resulted in 40-60% of TCO savings, in comparison to open source Kafka, for our customers. Confluent’s comprehensive, enterprise-grade data streaming platform is equipped with all the essential tools to empower your developers to build swiftly, reliably, and securely.

Press the “easy button” for a simplified migration

Collaborate with leading data streaming experts to effortlessly augment your staff, access funding credits (subject to approval), and expedite your migration journey through carefully curated offerings. Confluent’s global network of certified system integrators, ready to facilitate a seamless switch to Confluent from open source or traditional messaging systems.

Confluent partners with industry leaders to make the transition from open source or traditional messaging systems smoother. Launch partners for the Confluent Migration Accelerator include Amazon Web Services (AWS), CloudMile, EPAM, Google Cloud, iLink Digital, Improving, Microsoft Azure, Ness, Platformatory, Psyncopate, and SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH. The program will continually expand, incorporating more partners with innovative migration solutions to expedite your scaling process. 

Our launch partners have each built out dedicated solutions to aid in your migration efforts. Check out a high-level overview of their solutions below: 

CloudMile's migration framework provides a comprehensive solution, covering assessment, implementation, and optimization to help customers expedite their digital transformation.

EPAM utilizes migVisor Streaming Migration accelerator as part of the migVisor Cloud end-to-end migration enablement suite to enable their clients in completing event streaming migrations.

iLink Digital’s migration strategy includes an automation-first approach, improving adoption and increasing consumption.

Improving’s migration workshop methodology covers everything from use case identification to roadmap development and important considerations for building robust event-driven architectures with Confluent.

Ness’ migration readiness assessment is a focused, one-week project accelerator preparing engineering organizations to plan, design, and implement streaming-based applications.

Platformatory’s migration approach helps customers migrate from Kafka-compatible platforms and other messaging systems with no risk of disruption.

Psyncopate’s full-day, no-cost workshop provides proven migration capabilities from legacy/messaging implementations.

SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH’s migration best practices include everything from hosting a Data Value workshop to prototyping, implementation, and deployment with long-term operation and support. 

For more information on how to get started in the Confluent Migration Accelerator, please click here.

Check out our webinar: Unpacking the Cloud Migration Process with Improving.

  • Paul has been in the high-frequency trading, big data, and real-time streaming space for decades. He has worked on everything from ultra-low latency middleware and trading technology to compliance systems and cybersecurity. At Confluent, Paul runs the Partner & Innovation Ecosystem team globally. Customers buy Confluent because of its ecosystem, and we collectively design data in motion platforms across verticals such as financial services, retail, healthcare, and transport. Collectively we help organizations become digital-first and break Conway's law.

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