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The Apache Kafka® Engine Built for the Cloud

A 10x better, fully managed, and truly cloud-native service for next-level data streaming


Deliver faster insights and customer experiences with boosted performance sustained over time, up to 10x faster tail latencies than Apache Kafka


Scale to handle GBps+ workloads and peak customer demands more than 10x faster than Kafka without operational burden


Ensure high availability and offload Kafka ops with 99.99% uptime SLA, multi-AZ clusters, and no-touch Kafka patches


Never worry about Kafka storage again with Intelligent Tiered Storage and infinite retention

VLDB Paper Award@2x-min

Kora’s Design Awarded “Best Industry Paper”

Check out our award-winning paper about how our technical teams invested 5 million engineering hours and made Kora the cloud-native Apache Kafka engine with maximum elasticity, reliability, performance, and cost efficiency.

Boosted Performance

Accelerate data delivery with up to 10x lower tail latencies than Kafka. Efficiently minimize CPU usage and allocations with Kora’s Next-Gen Replication Protocol. Enhance server-side, request processing parallelism while preserving ordering semantics. Monitor end-to-end latency to alert performance degradation in real-time

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What Kora means for your business

Reduce TCO by nearly 60% by shifting from self-managing Apache Kafka

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How we made Confluent Cloud 10x Faster

Learn about our multi-year journey to making Confluent Cloud 10x faster than Apache Kafka

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Webinar: How cluster scaling is made 10x easier with Confluent Cloud

Learn about how Confluent Cloud relieves manual burdens and makes scaling Kafka clusters 10x easier

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Customer Story: Singapore Exchange (SGX)

See how SGX modernized their legacy trading platform with Confluent for lower latency and higher throughput.

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Webinar: Retain Data Infinitely Without Operational Burdens

Learn about the considerations for storing the right amount of data in Kafka, and how Confluent Cloud relieves these burdens

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Customer Stories

Hear firsthand accounts from AO.com, Symphony, and Wix about how their businesses benefited from Kora’s Elastic scaling, Infinite Storage, and Resiliency


Easier elastic scaling


Infinite storage


Offloading resiliency responsibilities

Upgrading from Apache Kafka to Confluent is easy.

Deploy in minutes. Pay as you go. Available on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. No credit card required.