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Forrester TEI Study: Save ~$2.58M Using Confluent Cloud vs Apache Kafka

Read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ study, commissioned by Confluent, to see how much you can save with Confluent Cloud

Did you know that Confluent can help you save up to $2.5M+ versus self-managing open source Kafka? For more than 70% of the Fortune 500, Apache Kafka® is the real-time data streaming platform of choice. But all too often, businesses need to grapple with managing and maintaining Kafka in-house – something that involves taking on increased operational burdens and risks that only grow over time. Your organization has better things to do.

With Kafka at its core, Confluent offers a truly cloud-native service that enables your business to set its data in motion while avoiding the headaches of low-level data infrastructure management. And Confluent offers a complete set of enterprise-grade tooling with built-in connectors, stream processing, security and data governance, and global availability for all of your data streaming needs.

To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with an investment in data streaming platforms, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to interview four key decision-makers with experience using Confluent Cloud across a range of industries and use cases. Forrester created a detailed financial analysis and Total Economic Impact™ study to determine the benefits each customer has gained from using Confluent Cloud versus deploying and maintaining Apache Kafka® on their own in-house.

Download this Forrester study to understand the economic benefits you can realize with Confluent Cloud. Highlighted benefits include:

  • Development and Operations cost savings of over $1.4M
  • Scalability and Infrastructure cost savings of over $1.1M
  • An overall 257% Return on Investment (ROI) with a payback period of less than six months

View the Forrester Study

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