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Accelerate with Confluent: Empowering SI Partners to Reach New Heights

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, businesses seek robust platforms for handling data in motion and Apache Kafka® has become the de-facto standard for data streaming. With over 80% of Fortune 500 companies leveraging Kafka, our Accelerate with Confluent initiative takes center stage in propelling seamless data flow and fostering collaborations with system integrators (SIs), so businesses can innovate and solve their most critical data streaming challenges.

The partnership dynamics

In the era of digital transformation, partnerships transcend traditional collaborations. And at Confluent, the driving force behind Kafka's enterprise-ready event streaming platform, we recognize the pivotal role of partners in our overarching strategy. 

Partners serve as vital extensions of an organization's sales force and play a pivotal role in its go-to-market strategy. Accelerate with Confluent goes beyond conventional partnership models, reshaping the dynamics by placing a strong emphasis on the profound impact of collaborative efforts. This approach amplifies professional services capabilities, underscoring the significance of robust partnerships in achieving mutual success.

Excellence in professional services

The initiative places a strategic focus on excellence in professional services. By aligning partners with Confluent solutions, Accelerate with Confluent empowers them to deliver comprehensive solutions that seamlessly align with client needs. 

Co-Delivery, a hallmark approach, seamlessly integrates the combined expertise of both Confluent and certified partners, guaranteeing the delivery of holistic solutions that not only meet but also expand customer value.

Strategic Staffing enhances customer experience by incorporating subject matter experts from partners into ongoing engagements, expanding delivery teams, and accelerating project timelines. The initiative's success is evident in the remarkable 5:1 services ratio, highlighting the substantial value derived from delivering professional services on a Confluent solution.

Partner engagement paths

Accelerate with Confluent offers multiple paths for partner engagement with professional services, including Subcontract, Co-Delivery, and Partner-Led. These paths provide flexibility, allowing partners to choose the level of engagement that suits their preferences and capabilities.

Driving efficiency with system integrators

Confluent recognizes that system integrator (SI) partners face challenges in bringing data streaming capabilities to their applications and end users. Accelerate with Confluent addresses this by focusing on three key categories:

1. Vertical solutions for customer acquisition

Not all Kafka solutions are created equal, and Accelerate with Confluent acts as the central nervous system for partner use cases. The goal is to ensure the long-term success of data streaming capabilities by addressing challenges such as daily operations, stream processing, security, and global availability.

2. Customizable solutions for strong partnerships

Confluent meets partners where they are, providing customizable solutions based on their strengths and customer use cases. The initiative accelerates joint go-to-market (GTM) strategies, empowering partners with sales and enablement tools. The Partner Portal further enhances collaboration and drives growth.

3. Early engagement in the sales cycle

Building a strategic partnership with Confluent offers partners the opportunity to engage early in the sales cycle. By joining forces, partners gain access to a wealth of opportunities, reference architectures, demo solutions, and continuous training — setting the stage for shared success, innovation, and a strengthened market presence.

Partner success stories


EY's data in motion practice is experiencing substantial growth through Confluent's partner program. New offerings, advanced training, and increased access to resources are elevating joint go-to-market strategies, promising cutting-edge service offerings, and reinforcing differentiation in the market.

Ness Digital Engineering (AMER)

The Confluent partner program has surpassed expectations by fostering connections between partners, Confluent field teams, and clients. By closely collaborating with Confluent professional services, Ness brings unparalleled expertise in standing up highly available Confluent environments and accelerating adoption of streaming analytics.

Psyncopate (AMER)

Psyncopate’s relationship with Confluent and the partner program is providing huge customer business value for our customers. Collaborating with Confluent Sales and Professional Services is helping companies migrate off legacy integration technologies while reducing costs and supporting new game changing use cases.


SVA's partnership with Confluent drives an accelerated journey toward new horizons, enabling a distinctive value proposition in the market. The collaboration leverages the alignment between Confluent's products and SVA's, enhancing their competitive edge.


Accelerate with Confluent empowers success and amplifies growth through partnership in APAC. The initiative positions professional services capabilities alongside cloud innovation, elevating customers to new heights and transforming challenges into opportunities.


Accelerate with Confluent emerges as a visionary and adaptive framework, fostering collaborative efforts and driving innovation in the digital era. The initiative not only empowers partners but also ensures unparalleled customer satisfaction, orchestrating success through Confluent's innovation. As businesses navigate the digital-first world, Accelerate with Confluent stands as a beacon, guiding partners and customers toward a future of collaborative excellence and growth.

Confluent has been recognized as a top data streaming platform in the competitive landscape, as acknowledged by Forrester Wave. This distinction solidifies its position as a game-changer in the industry. By focusing on customer needs, fostering innovation, and providing a comprehensive solution, Confluent and our partner ecosystem empower businesses to not only meet their current data challenges but also to pioneer new frontiers in the realm of data management. As businesses continue to evolve, embracing Confluent's approach will be the key to unlocking unparalleled success in today’s data-driven era.

To sign up to be an Accelerate with Confluent partner, visit our website here

  • Paul has been in the high-frequency trading, big data, and real-time streaming space for decades. He has worked on everything from ultra-low latency middleware and trading technology to compliance systems and cybersecurity. At Confluent, Paul runs the Partner & Innovation Ecosystem team globally. Customers buy Confluent because of its ecosystem, and we collectively design data in motion platforms across verticals such as financial services, retail, healthcare, and transport. Collectively we help organizations become digital-first and break Conway's law.

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