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Imply and Confluent Platform

Imply and Confluent: An End-to-End Streaming Analytics Solution

Traditional data analytics has been batch oriented, and data analysts write complex SQL queries and create static reports by querying a data warehouse. When data analytics becomes stream-oriented, many new workflows become possible.

Confluent and Imply enable a new interactive, real-time data exploration use case that previously was difficult to serve. An end-to-end streaming architecture featuring the Confluent Platform and Imply provides a foundation for new use cases and analytics workflows with streaming data.

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Why Imply and Confluent Platform?

Complete Streaming Analytics Stack

A fully end-to-end streaming analytics stack with exactly-once guarantees

Easy and Interactive Data Exploration

Easy, interactive, ad-hoc data exploration of data in Apache Kafka® topics

New Analytic Use Cases

New analytic use cases for streaming data through Apache Druid (incubating), a new type of database ideally suited for event-driven data

Freedom of Choice

Freedom of choice to deploy anywhere – on premises or in the cloud

An End-to-End Architecture for Streaming Analytics

Imply is a high-performance analytics solution built on Apache Druid (incubating) to store, query, and visualize event-driven data.


End-to-End Streaming Solution

Achieve Sub-Second Analytics on Apache Kafka with Confluent and Imply

Imply Visualization Interface