Druid Kafka indexing service

By Imply




  • Single Message Transform
  • Control Center Integration
  • Kafka Connect API


Druid Kafka indexing service



The Apache Druid (incubating) Kafka indexing service offers exactly once consumption guarantees from Kafka. The Kafka indexing service is a native Kafka consumer that streams data from Kafka topics and writes to Druid.

This service is a part of core Druid and runs natively as a part of Druid’s ingestion process. Apache Druid (incubating) is a high-performance analytics data store to store and query large volumes of real-time, complex, event-driven, operational data. Imply, the original developer of the Kafka indexing service, is the enterprise version of Druid with additional capabilities for data loading, management, security, and visualization.


Contact Imply for more details about installing this component.

The source code is located in this repository.

For more information, see the documentation.

Support for the Druid Kafka indexing service for Imply is available from the Imply user group or from Imply directly.
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