Detect and Understand Fraud In Real Time

As systems scale and migrate into the cloud, those seeking to infiltrate enterprise systems are presented with new and more frequent opportunities to succeed. Fighting fraudsters is a challenge now best addressed with a combination of data and speed – companies are finding and using real-time techniques to uncover bad actors in their systems with great precision.

Anti-laundering, payments fraud, internal theft, identity theft and other forms of fraud are all stressing organizations using traditional, batch-oriented and siloed methods of detection. That's because those methods often can't identify the pattern without either a huge resource outlay, or worse, a significant delay before detection.

Detect and Understand Fraud In Real Time

Fraud Detection Can Be as Adaptive as Fraudulent Actors

Enter Confluent Platform, a streaming platform upon which you can unite all your systems, data sources, and operationalized your tried-and-true patterns, as well as run new experiments. At scale.

Why a Streaming Platform?

Fraud Detection Across Industries

Confluent Enterprise gives you the tools, scale, and immediacy required to understand what is happening and build the real-time application logic to best understand and prevent deceptive behavior.

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