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Why Your Fraud Detection and Security Tools Need Data Streaming

A conversation with Forrester and Scotiabank

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With fraud growing at exponential rates and costing financial firms billions of dollars in losses, we take a deeper look into the role timely data and real-time context plays in risk analytics and fraud mitigation.

Watch On-Demand as we sit down with guest speakers from Scotiabank and Forrester to discuss:

  • Powering cyber and fraud intelligence with streaming analytics—an analyst perspective
  • Challenges of determining a single source of truth across multiple security and fraud analytics
  • Spotlight on Scotiabank: Building a next gen fraud solution with event-driven architecture
  • Taking fraud decisioning to the next level with advanced AI/ML

Scotiabank Levels Up with Real-time Data You will also hear from Scotiabank’s Kevin Smith and Yi Sun on how their team embraces Confluent’s real-time data streaming as a catalyst for innovation throughout the bank’s architecture, taking the bank’s fraud protection solutions to the next level for critical real-time response and a frictionless customer experience.

Real-time Agility and Enterprise-wide Insight are Needed Now A higher level of fraud protection lies in accessing real time insights. Each attempted transaction, each blocked interaction, each series of events presents a constant source of intelligence for security monitoring and fraud analytics tools. Until now, asynchronously processing colossal volumes of data to gain risk insights and end-to-end fraud detection was an enormous challenge. With data streaming, firms can now unify, access, analyze, enhance, and act on data from multiple sources in real time and respond with an all-new level of insight, intelligence, and agility.

Listen in on How Data Streaming is Shifting the Defense to Offense In this webinar, guest speaker Stephanie Balaouras (Forrester) shares her thoughts on the industry shift to real-time data streaming strategies for fraud intelligence and smarter decision-making and response.



Stephanie Balaouras

VP Group Director, Infrastructure & Operations and Security & Risk, Forrester

Kevin Smith

Head of Global Fraud Technology and Architecture, Global Operations Technology, Scotiabank

Yi Sun

Director of Fraud Innovation & Analytics, Scotiabank

Duncan Ash

Global Industries, Vice President, Confluent

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