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Demo: How to Build a Context-Aware, Real-Time Fraud Detection Solution in Confluent

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When it comes to fraudulent activity in financial services, knowing your customer, your organization’s blind spots, and where bad actors are likely to attack is critical. But, there are common challenges in pulling all of these required data elements together to build the right intelligence, early enough in your fraud detection process, for precise and predictive response.

We get to the bottom of these challenges in this on-demand demo. Learn how to leverage Confluent’s event-driven data streaming platform to bolster your fraud detection tools with curated and accurate contextual data. Build the right insights, at the right time, to enrich downstream systems and take your fraud decision making to the next level. In under 30 minutes, you’ll:

  • Explore the untapped business value of building better data solutions in fraud detection and prediction for real-time response
  • Learn how to architect predictive fraud detection with stream processing flows in Confluent, using highly contextual data and risk indicators
  • Demo in-stream detection and analysis of compromised account activity, in an “account takeover” scenario

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Duncan Ash

Global Industries, Vice President, Confluent

Peter Pugh-Jones

Director of Financial Services, Confluent

Peter considers himself lucky to have worked all over the world in diverse areas of the tech industry over many years. Having primarily spent the first half of his career working on batch-based, finance-related systems, he became an advocate of event streaming architectures in the early 2010s.

With the convergence of data streaming, automation, and artificial intelligence on the cusp of this fourth industrial revolution, Peter firmly believes there has never been a more exciting time to be helping customers maximize the value they can obtain from processing their data in motion.

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