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The Digital Transformation Mindset – More Than Just Technology

Many enterprises faced with silo’ed, batch-oriented, legacy systems struggle to compete in this new digital-first world. Adhering to the ‘If it’s not broken don’t fix it’ mentality leaves the door wide open for native digital challengers to grow and succeed. To stay competitive, your organization must respond in real time to every customer experience transaction, sale, and market movement. But how do you get there? First, you must change your mindset.

As streaming platforms become central to data strategies, companies both small and large are re-thinking their enterprise architecture with real-time context at the forefront. Monoliths are evolving into microservices. Datacenters are moving to the cloud. What was once a ‘batch’ mindset is quickly being replaced with stream processing as the demands of the business impose real-time requirements on technology leaders.

Join Argyle, in partnership with Confluent, in our 2018 CIO Virtual Event: The Digital Transformation Mindset – More Than Just Technology. During the webinar we’ll learn how leading companies across industries rely on a streaming platform to make event-driven architectures central to:

  • How data strategies and IT initiatives are improving the digital customer experiences
  • How executives are reducing risk with real time monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Increasing operational agility with microservices and IoT architectures within organizations


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