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Where's My Message?

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Deploying and actively operating Kafka smoothly can be a daunting task. We've helped build systems from simple to complex, from data migration to near real-time streaming frameworks, from single clusters to multiple levels of self service.

Multiple paths can lead to a successful deployment - this talk isn't about those. We will be sharing our experience about what comes after: what happens once data starts flowing in your system. And just how can we gain confidence everything is working correctly?

Join us on a journey where we will share our hard-earned experience, as well as just how to tackle that dread question which just seems to keep popping up: ""where's my message?"" Did it ever reach Kafka? Can Kafka really lose a message? Is Kafka down?

Expect to leave this session with additional knowledge, better operational solutions under your belt, ready to tackle your tenants and able of finding just where that ""lost message"" whereabouts are.

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