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Utilizing Kafka Connect to Integrate Classic Monoliths into Modern Microservices

Having started with classic monolith applications in the late 90s and adopting a new microservice architecture in 2015, our organization needed a convenient, reliable, and low-cost way to push changes back and forth between them. One that preferably utilized technology already on hand and could exchange information between multiple data stores.

In this session we will explore how Kafka Connect and its various connectors satisfied this need. We will review the two disparate tech stacks we needed to integrate, and the strategies and connectors we used to exchange information. Finally, we will cover some enhancements we made to our own processes including integrating Kafka Connect and its connectors into our CI/CD pipeline and writing tools to monitor connectors in our production environment.


Zachary Lark

Zach has been in software development for over 17 years, starting as a developer and eventually moving into management upon finally finding a home within software architecture. Throughout that time he has also participated as the Scrum Master of various teams, located both on-site and remote.

When not helping others refine their agile skills or assisting with software architecture, he enjoys spending time with his family on their farm, playing World of Warcraft, and sending cat memes to coworkers in Slack.