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Kafka Summit Americas 2021

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Data Mess to Data Mesh

  • Jay Kreps, Confluent

How can you scale the use of data across a company? The trend towards distributed data mesh architectures offers a solution. This keynote addresses some of the technology and practices that are useful to build a data mesh using Apache Kafka.

Driving Innovation with Data in Motion at Instacart

  • Dustin Pearce, Instacart
  • Jun Rao, Confluent

Join Dustin Pearce, Instacart’s first Vice President of Infrastructure, who oversees the company’s Infrastructure Engineering, Security, and Data Warehousing teams, as he discusses the role that data in motion plays to deliver best in class customer experiences.

Government Track Welcome Address

  • Will LaForest, Confluent
  • Jason Schick, Confluent

Join Will LaForest, Confluent Public Sector CTO, and Jason Schick, Confluent Public Sector GM, for an introduction on the Government Track and highlighted sessions.

The Joy of (Kafka) Community

  • Scott Hanselman, Microsoft
  • Grace Jansen, IBM
  • Israel Ekpo, Microsoft
  • Nikki Thean, Etsy

Join us for a panel discussion amongst a diverse set of contributors and members of the Apache Kafka® community. The panel discussion covers a variety of topics around building community, mentoring current and future prospective contributors and members of the Apache Kafka community.

Breakout Sessions

A Tale of 2(n) Data Centers: Tuning Apache Kafka Clusters to Combat Latency

  • Anna McDonald, Confluent

In this session I’ll explain the most common levers we use to combat increased latency in stretch clusters.

We will cover operating system level changes, broker side socket and buffer sizes, replication level tuning and touch on client optimizations.

A Unified Analytics Platform with Kafka and Flink

  • Stephan Ewen, Data Artisans

This talk will demonstrate how to use Kafka and Flink together for "unified analytics": Analytics that seamlessly combine processing of real-time data and historic data.

The audience will learn how combining real-time and historic data is becoming convenient with the combination of Kafka and Flink.

Achieving End-to-end Visibility into Complex Event-sourcing Transactions Using Distributed Tracing

  • Michael Haberman, Aspecto

In this talk, I will present ways to achieve end-to-end and granular visibility into complex event-sourcing transactions using distributed tracing. I will use open-source tools like OpenTelemetry, Jaeger, and Zipkin to showcase a complex Node.js system using Kafka.

Administrative Techniques to Reduce Kafka Costs

  • Anna Kepler, Viasat

The presentation will cover various techniques administrators of Kafka service can employ to reduce the data transfers and to save the operational costs. Reducing cross-AZ traffic, optimizing batching with use of DumpLogSegment script, utilizing Kafka metrics to shut down unused data streams & more.

All at Sea with Streams - Using Kafka to Detect Patterns in the Behaviour of Ships

  • Robin Moffatt, Confluent

I'll demonstrate how the data was ingested from a raw TCP feed, unified with reference data from CSV files, and then processed to spot patterns with the resulting real-time stream of matches written to a new Kafka topic for validation and analysis.

An Illustrated Introduction to Kafka, Confluent Platform, and Confluent Cloud

  • Travis Hoffman, Confluent

Join us as we take an illustrated tour of the Kafka ecosystem with clear, concise, and approachable explanations of the mot important components, features, and concepts to get started with Kafka. This presentation will be suitable for all audiences.

Apache Kafka and the Data Mesh

  • Michael Noll, Confluent
  • Ben Stopford, Confluent

In this talk, we share our recommendations and picks of what every developer should know about building a streaming data mesh with Kafka. We introduce the four principles of the data mesh: domain-driven decentralization, data as a product, self-service data platform, and federated governance.

Apache Kafka Meets Workflow Engines

  • Bernd Ruecker, Camunda

In this talk, I will briefly walk you through these possibilities presenting real-life use cases and some sample code using open source tools.

Automated Apache Kafka Mocking and Testing with AsyncAPI

  • Hugo Guerrero, Red Hat

In this session we will:

  • Go over the evolution of API specifications
  • Review the approach for contract-first design with Apache Kafka
  • Introduce the AsyncAPI specification
  • Take an overview of an implementation example for automated mocking and testing

Availability of Kafka - Beyond the Brokers

  • Andrew Borley, IBM
  • Emma Humber, Confluent

This talk describes the architectures available to you when planning for an outage. We will examine configurations as well as availability zones and debate the benefits and limitations of each. We will also cover how to set up each configuration using the tools in Kafka.

Big Data Kappa

  • Mark Senerth, The Walt Disney Company - DMED, Data Tech

I will address hurdles such as scaling, warm standbys, schema evolution, and batch replay strategies - highlighting issues prevalent with any streaming Kappa based architecture.

Build Your Own LED Racing Game with Kafka Event Streams

  • Igor De Souza, Oracle

In this session, you will learn powerful Kafka concepts and techniques to upscale your skills in a fun way combining Kafka and Raspberry PI in a Led Strip game.

Building a Modern, Scalable Cyber Intelligence Platform with Apache Kafka

  • Jac Noel, Intel

In our session, we’ll discuss the details described in the IT@Intel white paper that was published in Nov 2020 with same title. We’ll share some stream processing techniques, such as filtering and enriching in Kafka to deliver contextually rich data to Splunk and many of our security controls.

Building an Interactive Betting Platform with Confluent Cloud

  • Amanda Gilbert, Confluent
  • Sami Ahmed, Confluent

In addition to sharing architecture recommendations to enable high performance, they will be demoing a system that leans on Confluent Cloud and Kafka Streams for its data in motion.

Changing Landscapes in Data iIntegration - Kafka Connect for Near Real-time Data Moving Pipelines

  • Ashok Kadambala, JP Morgan Chase
  • Shreesha Hebbar, JP Morgan Chase

In this talk, we will present how kafka adoption has evolved over the last couple of years in our space and deep dive into how we approached in providing Managed Kafka Connect, a newest addition to our service portfolio.

Confluent on Azure: Why You Should Add Confluent to Your Azure Toolkit

  • Alicia Moniz, Confluent
  • Israel Ekpo, Microsoft

This session is presented from the Microsoft Solution Architect perspective by Israel Ekpo, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect and Alicia Moniz, Microsoft MVP. They will cover use cases and scenarios, along with key Azure integration points and architecture patterns.

Demystifying Apache Kafka, Once and For All

  • Jonathan Santilli, Synk

In this talk, I would like to facilitate the on-boarding process for anyone starting with Kafka and help to destroy (yeah, destroy!) any barriers preconceived in our minds about Kafka.

Digital Transformation: Highly Resilient Streaming Architecture and Strategies

  • Sunil Kaitha, Capital One

As part of this session I will be talking about highly resilient streaming architecture that is supporting processing of billions of events every day then some of the strategies & best practices to build highly available and fault-tolerant systems utilizing Kafka and Cloud environments.

Dissecting our Legacy: The Strangler Fig Pattern with Debezium, Apache Kafka & MongoDB

  • Gunnar Morling, Decodable
  • Hans-Peter Grahsl, Red Hat

This talk introduces you to the strangler fig pattern, which aids a smooth and step-wise migration of monolithic applications into separate services.

Event-driven Applications with Kafka, Micronaut, and AWS Lambda

  • Dave Klein, Tabular

In this session, we'll explore the ways that Apache Kafka and Micronaut work together to enable us to build fast, efficient, event-driven applications. Then we'll see it in action, using the AWS Lambda Sink Connector for Confluent Cloud.

Event-Driven Architectures Done Right

  • Tim Berglund, StarTree

It's highly likely for medium- and large-scale systems that an event-first perspective is the most helpful one to take, but it's early days, and it's still possible to get this wrong. Come to this talk for a survey of mistakes not to make.

Evolving the Engineering Culture to Manage Kafka as a Service

  • Kate Agnew, Optum

Attendees will learn how to both stand up their own OSS offering as well as how to be a good internal consumer of other such offerings. Come ready to learn and laugh about my journey to offering OSS to thousands of people!

Fan-out, Fan-in & the Multiplexer: Replication Recipes for Global Platform Distribution

  • Alex Hilton, Airwallex

We will focus on recipes for effective use of Mirror Maker event replication to power platform distribution including the challenges of managing a 'fan in' event replication workflow - pulling events created in satellite clusters back to a mothership cluster for processing.

From Bytes to Objects: Describing Your Events

  • Dale Lane, IBM
  • Kate Stanley, Red Hat

This talk will introduce the most popular formats for documenting events that flow through Kafka, such as AsyncAPI, Avro, CloudEvents, JSON schemas, and Protobuf.

From Legacy SQL Server to High Powered Confluent & Kafka Monitoring System at SunPower

  • Patrick Franz, SunPower

In this session, we will share our journey to build a real-time monitoring platform based on Confluent and Kafka and how we’ve been able to improve customer satisfaction ratings and boost referral-based sales as a result.

Guaranteed Event Delivery with Kafka and NodeJS

  • Amitesh Madhur, Nutanix Inc

We show how teams can easily leverage the power of Kafka and scale their applications with the right architectural building blocks. We also offer insights from our own experience of building NodeJS based Kafka applications.

How a Data Mesh is Driving our Platform

  • Trey Hicks, Gloo

This session covers how we interpret and apply the data mesh paradigm, the role of Kafka as the backbone for a mesh of connectivity, the role of Kafka Connect to generate and consume data events, and the use of KSQL to perform minor transformations for consumers.

How a Distributed Graph Analytics Platform Uses Apache Kafka for Data Ingestion in Real Time

  • Duc Le, TigerGraph
  • Rayees Pasha, TigerGraph

In this session, we will be discussing both architectures: 1. built-in Kafka Connect framework within TigerGraph database; 2. using Kafka cluster for cloud native integration with other popular data sources. Demo will be provided for both data streaming processes.

How Did We Move the Mountain? - Migrating 1 Trillion+ Messages Per Day Across Data Centers at PayPal

  • Lei Huang, PayPal
  • Na Yang, PayPal

In this session, you will learn the strategies, techniques and tools the PayPal Kafka team has utilized for managing the migration process. You will also learn the lessons and pitfalls they experienced during this exercise, as well as the secret sauce of making the migration successful.

How Much Can You Connect?

  • Bhavesh Raheja, Disney + Hotstar

In this talk, we share our experience of running Kafka connect at scale. We will walk through our decisions of using one cluster vs many and how the improvements in the connect ecosystem like incremental rebalancing have allowed us to scale to thousands of connects.

How to Use Standard SQL Over Kafka: From the Basics to Advanced Use Cases

  • Frank McSherry, Materialize

In this session, we’ll start with some basic use cases of how Standard SQL can be effectively used over events in Kafka- including how these SQL engines can help teams that are brand new to streaming data get started. From there, we’ll cover a series of more advanced functions and their implications

Improving Logging Ingestion Quality At Pinterest: Fighting Data Corruption And Tracking Data Loss

  • Heng Zhang, Pinterest

Focusing on zero negative impact to existing ingestion pipelines, scalability and cost efficiency led us to make various design decisions to eventually achieve auditing rollout to every pipeline with zero downtime and fundamentally improve the data ingestion quality at Pinterest.

Improving Veteran Benefit Services Through Efficient Data Streaming

  • Robert Ezekiel, Booz Allen Hamilton

This technology will enable the VA to provide accurate, real-time information on a claim, appeal or rating for our Veterans.

It's Time To Stop Using Lambda Architecture

  • Yaroslav Tkachenko, Goldsky

In this talk, I want to show how you can solve those challenges by embracing Apache Kafka as a foundation of your data pipeline and leveraging modern stream-processing frameworks like Apache Kafka Streams and Apache Flink.

Kafka and GraphQL: Misconceptions and Connections

  • Gerard Klijs, Open Web

GraphQL is a powerful way to bridge the gap between frontend and backend. Providing a typed API with introspection. This can be used for code generation or code completion.

Kafka at the Core of an AIOps Pipeline

  • Sunanda Kommula,
  • Alankar Sharma, Comcast

This session will cover how large volumes of streaming messages can be received by parallel Kafka consumers, and turned into action by network operations teams, dramatically reducing downtime and improving performance.

Kafka for Microservices – You Absolutely Need Avro Schemas!

  • Gerardo Gutierrez Villeda, SEI
  • Steven Sermarini, SEI

In this talk we will discuss all the nuances and considerations around using Avro Schemas for your JSON event payloads. From developer tools, to DevOps approaches, versioning, governance and some “gotchas” we found when working with Avro Schemas and the Confluent Schema Registry.

Kafka Migration for Satellite Event Streaming Data

  • Eric Velte, ASRC Federal

During this session, the audience will learn about the satellite communications chain, and best practices and lessons learned in creating a data pipeline with Kafka for high throughput and scalability while displaying high quality situational awareness to mission operators.

Mainframe Integration, Offloading and Replacement with Apache Kafka

  • Kai Waehner, Confluent

This session walks through the different steps some companies are already gone through. Technical options like Change Data Capture (CDC), MQ, and third-party tools for mainframe integration, offloading and replacement are explored.

Model-driven and Low-code Development for Event-based Systems

  • Bobby Calderwood, Evident Systems

This talk will outline strategies for low-code and model-driven development based on Event Modeling. We'll explore how event-driven application architecture provides a simple yet robust framework for generating DevSecOps-friendly code for the UI, for the web services layer, and for event-processing.

Money Heist - A Stream Processing Original!

  • Meha Pandey, Netflix
  • Shengze Yu, Netflix

The aim of this talk is to provide an insight into how we built such a scalable system while embracing a full blown Kappa architecture, with Kafka at the heart of it all.

Moving 150 TB of Data Rsiliently on Kafka with Quorum Controller on Kubernetes

  • Murali Kaundinya, Wells Fargo

We will share our lessons learnt, the patterns and practices to modernize both our underlying runtime platforms and our applications with highly performing and resilient event-driven architectures.

Nordstrom's Event-Sourced Architecture and Kafka-as-a-Service

  • Adam Weyant, Nordstrom
  • Beau Bender, Nordstrom

This session will describe this architecture and the lessons learned while building it, with a focus on the internally built, multi-tenant, multi-cluster, Kafka-as-a-Service platform that enables it.

Practical Tips and Tricks for Apache Kafka Messages Integration

  • Francesco Tisiot, Aiven

In this talk you will learn the tips & tricks I wish I had known at the beginning of my Apache Kafka journey. We’ll discuss topics like producer acknowledgments, server and consumer parameters (auto_offset_reset anyone?) that are commonly overlooked causing lots of developer’s pain.

Principles in Data Stream Processing

  • Matthias J. Sax, Confluent
  • Nick Dearden, Confluent

In this talk, we will take you on a journey through the theoretical foundations of stream processing and discuss the underlying principles and unique problems that need to be addressed.

Real-time Adaptation of Financial Market Events with Kafka

  • Cliff Cheng, Bloomberg LP
  • Anuj Arora, Bloomberg LP

Using JDBC Kafka Connect with custom transformation, we’re able to push configuration changes into Kafka topics with minimal coding. Kafka Streams provides a way to model live market data as a stream and configuration data as a table.

Real-time Data Ingestion from Kafka to ClickHouse with Deterministic Re-tries

  • Jun Li, eBay

Our solution utilizes Kafka’s metadata to keep track of blocks that we intend to send to ClickHouse, and later uses this metadata information to deterministically re-produce ClickHouse blocks for re-tries in case of failures.

Securing the Message Bus with Kafka Streams

  • Paul Otto, Raft LLC
  • Ryan Salcido, Raft

In our proposed presentation, we will provide a live demonstration that consists of two consumers subscribing to the same Kafka topic, but receiving different messages based on the rules specified in Open Policy Agent.

Speed Without Accidents : Kafka Exemplified

  • Dhawal Soni, Walmart
  • Suman Pattnaik

Through this session, we will highlight various aspects of Design, Architecture, Deployment strategy, Kafka settings, Optimization techniques etc that was paramount to achieve this rate of processing and certainly with no accidents.

Streaming Data Analytics with ksqlDB and Superset

  • Robert Stolz, Preset

Here, we review and compare methods for connecting Kafka to Superset to enable streaming analytics use cases including anomaly detection, operational monitoring, and online data integration.

Streaming Data Lakes using Kafka Connect + Apache Hudi

  • Vinoth Chandar, Apache Software Foundation
  • Balaji Varadarajan, Robinhood

In this talk, we introduce a Kafka Connect Sink Connector for Apache Hudi, which writes data straight into Hudi's log format, making the data immediately queryable, while Hudi's table services like indexing, compaction, clustering work behind the scenes.

Tales From the Four-comma Club: Managing Kafka as a Service at Salesforce

  • Lei Ye, Salesforce
  • Paul Davidson, Salesforce

In this session, hear from the teams at Salesforce that manage Kafka as a service, running over a hundred clusters across on-premise and public cloud environments with over 99.9% availability.

The New Way of Configuring Grace Periods for Windowed Operations in Kafka Streams

  • Israel Ekpo, Microsoft

In this talk, we cover the public API changes to the TimeWindows, SessionWindows, JoinWindows and SlidingWindows as well as the new guidance going forward.

Transformation During a Global Pandemic

  • Ashish Pandit, University of California San Diego
  • Scott Lee, University of California, San Diego

With shelter-in-place orders taking immediate effect, they needed to quickly set up a robust online learning platform - one with powerful analytics to track student success. And, for the times students and staff are on campus, a contact tracing application was essential for their safety.

Using Kafka as a Database For Real-Time Transaction Processing

  • Chad Preisler, Northwestern Mutual

This talk will focus on how to use Kafka events as a database. We will talk about using KTables vs GlobalKTables, and how to apply them to patterns we use with traditional databases. We will go over a real-world example of joining events against existing data and some issues to be aware of.

Utilizing Kafka Connect to Integrate Classic Monoliths into Modern Microservices

  • Zachary Lark, LogRhythm

In this session we will explore how Kafka Connect and its various connectors satisfied this need. We will review the two disparate tech stacks we needed to integrate, and the strategies and connectors we used to exchange information.

What Does an Event Mean? Manage the Meaning of Your Data!

  • Andreas Wombacher, Aurelius Enterprise B.V.
  • Marlon Hiralal, Van Oord

This talk outlines why Van Oord requires data governance and enterprise architecture models integrated with Confluent Kafka, and demo how an open-source based data governance tool is integrated with Confluent Kafka to fulfil these requirements.

Where in the World is Franz Kafka?

  • Will LaForest, Confluent

In this talk I will discuss the creation and demonstrate the usage of geospatial UDFs in ksqlDB. I will also talk through the advantages of doing geospatial processing directly in Apache Kafka.

Lightning Talks

5 Lessons Learned for Successful Migration to Confluent Cloud

  • Natan Silinitsky,

In this talk you will hear about 5 lessons that Wix has learned in order to successfully meet this challenge.

Becoming Protocol-Agnostic with Kafka, REST, GraphQL & gRPC

  • Tyler Mills, SmartBear

Join this talk to learn how SmartBear is building the world's first universal and protocol-agnostic API platform and the lessons learned along the way.

Black Box Machine Learning Models: Issues and Opportunities

  • Thomas Y. Chen, U.S. Technology Policy Committee

In this talk, we discuss the variety of issues that black box machine learning models present and ways in which we can open them up. These include conducting in-depth ablation studies.

Building Adaptive User Experiences Using Contextual Multi-Armed Bandits with Apache Kafka

  • Anca Sarb, Expedia Group
  • Gyula Magyar, Expedia Group

In this talk,we present the end-to-end scalable system developed to democratize the use of contextual bandits at EG.The architecture comprises of an online inference component as well as a continuous feedback loop that tracks the users’ affinity towards certain content or page layouts.

Building Retry Architectures in Kafka with Compacted Topics

  • Matthew Zhou, Peloton

In this talk, we'll discuss how VillageMD is able to use Kafka topic compaction for rapidly scaling our reprocessing pipelines to encompass hundreds of feeds. Within healthcare data ecosystems, privacy and data minimalism are key design priorities.

Catching Vote Manipulation at Reddit

  • Derek Hsieh, Reddit

Previously Reddit would catch these bad actors using hourly Airflow jobs which allowed undesirable content to remain on the site long enough to impact other users. However with kSQL, we are able to reduce the time to catch these bad actors from hours to minutes.

Connect at Twitter-scale

  • Jordan Bull, Twitter
  • Ryanne Dolan, Cloudera

In this talk we'll present some of the problems we've run into with Kafka Connect, and how we've engineered around them.

Developing Custom Transformation in the Kafka Connect to Minimize Data Redundancy

  • Siavash Sedghi, United Health Group

In this use case-driven talk, we are going to demonstrate how our team at UnitedHealth Group leveraged existing transformers to extract data from the message metadata in the topic as well as how we developed our customized transformers to minimize the amount of duplicated data in each message.

Dude, Where's My Event? Event Tracking at Scale

  • Marcin Mergo, Consdata

Learn how we tackled this problem by implementing Event Tracking, a technique allowing our customers from the financial sector to precisely locate and visualize event's route within complicated Kafka flows.

Event-Driven Microservices with Confluent, Kotlin, and Ktor

  • Viktor Gamov , Kong

This session will provide an introduction on how to use Kotlin and Ktor to build an application that shares geographical coordinates among clients. Viktor will give an introduction to Ktor, the Kotlin framework for building connected applications.

Going From Three Nines to Four Nines Using Kafka

  • Tejas Chopra, Netflix, Inc.

Many organizations have chosen to go with a hybrid cloud architecture to give them the best of both worlds: the scalability and ease of deployment of cloud, and the security, latency & egress benefits of local storage.

Intelligent Auto-scaling of Kafka Consumers with Workload Prediction

  • Ming Sheu, ProphetStor Data Services Inc.

The more appropriate workload metric for Kafka consumer is the number of messages in Kafka broker queue. More specifically, the message production rate of a specific topic would be the right workload metric for a Kafka consumer.

Kafka for Connected Vehicle Research

  • Pavle Bujanovic, Federal Highway Administration
  • Samir Tabriz, Leidos in support for FHWA research

In this talk, we explore how Kafka is being used in cutting-edge connected and automated vehicle research.

Live Event Debugging With ksqlDB at Reddit

  • Hannah Hagen, Reddit
  • Paul Kiernan

In this session, we will learn about an internal tool developed at Reddit to QA events in real-time. This KSQL-powered web app streams events from our pipeline, allowing developers to filter events they care about using criteria like User ID, Device ID or the type of user interaction.

Oops! I Started a Broker

  • Yinon Kahta, Taboola

This session is the story of how we learned the hard way about mitigating cluster failures with the proper configurations in place.

Should You Read Kafka as a Stream or in Batch? Should You Even Care?

  • Ido Nadler, Nielsen
  • Opher Dubrovsky, Nielsen

In this talk we’ll give you the tools and metrics to decide which solution you should apply when, and show you a real life example with cost & time comparisons. To highlight the differences, we’ll dive into a project we’ve done, transitioning from reading Kafka in a stream to reading it in batch.

Simplifying Asynchronous Service Communication with Kafka, Debezium and the Outbox Pattern

  • Ernesto Matos, Loggi

In this talk, we describe this journey, and how we leverage Debezium’s Outbox pattern to transactionally emit events following the Event-Carried State Transfer pattern, where all the needed information is sent to Kafka at once, therefore avoiding consumer requests to enrich the event data.

Taming a Massive Fleet of Python-based Kafka Apps at Robinhood

  • Chandra Kuchi, Robinhood
  • Nick Dellamaggiore, Robinhood

This talk discusses our investments in Kafka infrastructure for a large-scale Python-based environment:

We'll also present challenges we encountered along the way and share our learnings with the audience.

Sponsored Sessions

Apache Kafka processing 101: Analyze your streaming data with SQL, Python, or Scala on AWS

  • Deepthi Mohan, AWS

In this session, we discuss how you can use Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics Studio (KDA Studio) and Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) to interactively build serverless stream processing applications for Kafka using SQL, Python, or Scala with a serverless notebook interface.

Azure Cosmos DB Kafka Connectors

  • Abinav Rameesh, Microsoft

In this talk, we cover these use cases in more detail along with a deep dive into the architecture of the source and sink Kafka Connectors for Cosmos DB.

Better Kafka Performance Without Changing Any Code

  • Simon Ritter

In this session, we'll explore how making changes to the JVM design can eliminate the problems of garbage collection pauses and raise the throughput of applications. For cloud-based Kafka applications, this can deliver both lower latency and reduced infrastructure costs.

Building Scalable Real-Time Data Pipelines with the Couchbase Kafka Connector

  • Denis Rosa, Couchbase

This session provides a quick overview of Couchbase, describes the Couchbase Kafka Connector, and showcases a demo of how it can be used as both a source and a sink for building real-time data processing pipelines for mission-critical applications.

Continuous Intelligence for Customer Service Using Kafka Event Streams

  • Simon Crosby, Swim

We will present several continuous intelligence applications in use today that depend on real-time analysis, learning and prediction to power automation and deliver responses that are in sync with the real-world.

Creating a Kafka Topic. Super Easy?

  • Andrew Stevenson , DataMountaineer
  • Marios Andreopoulos, Lenses

In this talk, we’ll share and demonstrate different approaches for developers to safely create Kafka Topics whilst sharing a few war stories of what can go wrong along the way.

Data Policies for the Kafka-API with WebAssembly

  • Alexander Gallego, Vectorized

In this talk we'll cover how to extend existing applications with webassembly, allowing developers to change the shape of data at runtime, per application without creating additional topics.

Driving a Digital Thread Program in Manufacturing with Apache Kafka

  • Anu Mishra, Mercury Systems

If you’re wondering why Kafka makes sense for a digital thread, join us to learn how a real-time event streaming platform enables core strategies around ML/AI, microservices, model-based system engineering, and continuous improvement.

Druid + Kafka: Transform Your Data-in-motion to Analytics-in-motion

  • Gian Merlino, Imply

This talk shows real-world experiences building out real-time analytics stacks powering next-generation observability, customer insights, and insights as a service.

Event Streaming with Kafka Streams and Spring Cloud Stream

  • Soby Chacko, VMware

This talk will explore: The integration points and various capabilities of Spring Cloud Stream touchpoints with Kafka Streams How to build event streaming applications using Spring’s programming model built on top of Kafka Streams

Exposing and Controlling Kafka Event Streaming with Kong Konnect Enterprise

  • Claudio Acquaviva, Kong, Inc.

This session shows how Kong Konnect Enterprise can complement Kafka Event Streaming, exposing it to new and external consumers while applying specific and critical policies to control its consumption.

How a Startup Prime Broker Uses Kafka

  • Jad Abi-Samra, Clear Street
  • Sachin Kumar, Clear Street

Learn how a fintech startup is using Kafka to turn trades worth billions of dollars into streams. Sachin Kumar, CTO at Clear Street, will walk attendees through how the team leverages Kafka to manage order state, change data capture, interoperability, and more.

How to Achieve Data in Motion Expertise

  • Mario Sanchez, Confluent

Join us for a talk with Confluent's Head of Education, Mario Sanchez, as he discusses how we've successfully transformed business through a prescriptive approach to enablement. We invite you to join the live Q&A that follows, to discuss how enablement can benefit your organization.

How to Define and Share your Event APIs using AsyncAPI and Event API Products

  • Fran Mendez, AsyncAPI
  • Jonathan Schabowsky, Solace

In this talk, Fran Mendez, founder of AsyncAPI and Jonathan Schabowsky, Solace CTO Architect will introduce you to the AsyncAPI specification and show you two different methods to define and share your event APIs, quickly get up to speed, and more.

Hybrid Streaming Analytics for Apache Kafka Users

  • Firat Tekiner, Google

In this talk, we will talk around addressing these issues and look into ways to bridge the on-premise kafka deployments with GCP stack for different use cases and personas. This will be followed by architecture examples on How do you deploy kafka and integrate with the rest of the GCP stack.

Kafka & InfluxDB: BFFs for Enterprise Data Applications

  • Russ Savage, InfluxData

In this session, Russ Savage, Director of Product Management at InfluxData will discuss basic concepts of integrating Kafka and InfluxDB while highlighting how companies are creating fault-tolerant, scalable and fast data pipelines with the power of InfluxDB and Kafka.

Kubernetes Connectivity to Cloud Native Kafka

  • Evan Shortiss, Red Hat
  • Hugo Guerrero, Red Hat

In this session, we will show you how easy we have made streaming data with great user experience. Flexible resource management with our new secret weapon in the Apache Camel project -- Kamelet.

Lessons From the Field: Catalog of Kafka Deployments

  • Joseph Niemiec, Cloudera

Join Joe Niemiec, Sr. Product Manager at Cloudera, as he shares these insights in this session that covers topics such as - The many ways that Kafka has been deployed in the field Standalone clusters, multiple clusters in a single data center etc.

Low-latency Data Applications with Kafka and Agg Indexes

  • Tino Tereshko, Firebolt

Learn how to stream massive amounts of data which used to be impossible to handle from Kafka, to serve real-time applications using lake-scale optimized approaches to storage and indexing.

Low-latency Real-time Data Processing at Giga-scale with Kafka

  • John DesJardins, Hazelcast

In this session, you will learn how to architect and build the fastest data processing applications that scale linearly, and combine streaming data and reference data data-in-motion and data-at-rest with machine learning.

Qlik and Confluent Success Stories with Kafka - How Generali and Skechers Keep Their Data Fresh

In this breakout session you’ll hear data streaming success stories from Generali and Skechers that leverage Qlik Data Integration and Confluent. You’ll discover how Qlik’s data integration platform lets organizations automatically produce real-time transaction streams into Kafka, Confluent Platform

Redis + Kafka = Performance at Scale

  • Julien Ruaux, Redis Labs

This session introduces the Kafka Connector for Redis Enterprise. During the presentation we will discover how Kafka in combination with the multi-model database platform from Redis Labs opens up new possibilities for developers.

Safer Commutes & Streaming Data

  • George Padavick, Ohio Department of Transportation

DriveOhio digitally links sensors, cameras, speed monitoring equipment, and smart highway assets in real time, to dynamically adjust the surface road network to maximize the safety and efficiency for travelers.

Scalable Data Management for Kafka and Beyond

  • Dan Rice, BigID

In this session, you’ll learn how to leverage modern ML-augmented data management solutions to automatically find, identify, and classify sensitive data across Spark, Databricks, and beyond - and how to apply policies for compliance and risk mitigation to get the most value from our data.

Should We Manage Events Like APIs?

  • Alan Chatt, IBM
  • Kim Clark, IBM

APIs have become ubiquitous as a way of exposing the capabilities of the enterprise both internally and externally. However, are APIs alone enough? There is a strong resurgence in interest in asynchronous communication and event driven architecture.

SingleStore & Kafka: Better Together to Power Modern Real-Time Data Architecture

  • Rohit Reddy, SingleStore

In this session, you will learn how Kafka and SingleStore enable modern, yet simple data architecture to analyze both fast paced incoming data as well as large historical datasets. In particular, you will understand why SingleStore is well suited process data streams coming from Kafka.

Streaming Data in the Cloud with Confluent and MongoDB Atlas

  • Robert Walters, MongoDB

In this session you will learn how to setup and configure the Confluent Cloud with MongoDB Atlas. We'll start the journey learning about the basic connectivity between the two cloud services and end with a brief discovery of what you can do with data once it is in MongoDB Atlas.

Sub-Second SQL Search, Aggregations and Joins with Kafka and Rockset

  • Dhruba Borthakur, Rockset

In this talk, we examine an indexing approach that enables fast SQL analytics on data from Kafka, without data flattening or denormalization. Rockset is the real-time indexing database that builds an inverted index, a columnar index and a row index on all fields of your Kafka messages.

Navigating Your Data in Motion

  • David Araujo, Confluent
  • Michael Agnich, Confluent

In this session Mike & David will walk you through how to navigate and govern your data in motion with a new suite of products from Confluent.

Testing Event Driven Architectures: How to Broker the Complexity

  • Frank Kilcommins, SmartBear
  • Temil Sanchez, SmartBear

In our talk, we’ll tackle this question and many more when it comes to the testing of Apache Kafka endpoints and your services architecture. We’ll cover what makes testing in EDA difficult; technologies that can help you; and how we at SmartBear are thinking about these testing problems.

The Road Most Traveled: A Kafka Story

  • Heikki Nousiainen, Aiven
  • Thom Duran, Moogsoft

During this presentation we will explore how Moogsoft used Aiven for Kafka to manage and scale their data in the cloud.

Transform Your Mainframe and IBM Data for the Cloud with Precisely and Apache Kafka

  • Ashwin Ramachandran, Precisely

Join us to hear how Precisely Connect can help use the power of Apache Kafka to eliminate data silos and make cloud-based, event-driven data architectures a reality. Start your cloud transformation journey today, knowing you don’t need to leave essential transaction data behind!


Applying ML on your Data in Motion with AWS and Confluent

  • Joseph Morais, Confluent
  • Kanchan Waikar, Amazon Web Services

Join experts from Confluent and AWS to learn how to build Apache Kafka®-based streaming applications backed by machine learning models. Adopting the recommendations will help you establish repeatable patterns for high performing event-based apps.

Building Streaming Data Pipelines with Google Cloud Dataflow and Confluent Cloud

  • Elena Cuevas, Confluent
  • Julianne Cuneo, Confluent

We will demonstrate how easy it is to use Confluent Cloud as the data source of your Beam pipelines. You will learn how to process the information that comes from Confluent Cloud in real time, make transformations on such information and feed it back to your Kafka topics.

Extracting Value from IOT using Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Synapse Analytics and Confluent Cloud

  • Abhishek Gupta, Microsoft

This workshop presents a solution using Confluent Cloud on Azure, Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Synapse Analytics which can be connected in a secure way within Azure VNET using Azure Private link configured on Kafka clusters.