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The Joy of (Kafka) Community

Join us for a panel discussion amongst a diverse set of contributors and members of the Apache Kafka® community. The panel discussion covers a variety of topics around building community, mentoring current and future prospective contributors and members of the Apache Kafka community as well as perspectives on how the community can be motivated for higher impact.


Scott Hanselman

Scott has been a developer for 30 years and has been blogging at https://hanselman.com for 20 years! He works in Open Source on .NET and the Azure Cloud for Microsoft out of his home office in Portland, Oregon. Scott has been podcasting for over 800 episodes of http://hanselminutes.com over 15 years and 700 episodes of http://www.azurefriday.com. He's written a number of techical books and spoken in person to over one million developers worldwide! He's also on TikTok, which was very likely a huge mistake.

Grace Jansen
Israel Ekpo

Israel is a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect in the Apps & Data team within Microsoft US One Commercial Partner. Container Orchestration, DevOps, High Performance Computing, Real Time Analytics and Event Processing with Open Source Software are his areas of speciality. In his role at OCP, he guides Microsoft Azure partners and customers developing solutions on the platform to select pragmatic tools, technologies and strategies in the implementation of their solutions.

Nikki Thean