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Testing Event Driven Architectures: How to Broker the Complexity

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Quality Matters … and as event-driven architectures (EDA) become increasingly popular in the microservices space, ensuring the delivery and performance of your EDA increases in importance. But while it’s powerful architecture, it does come with its challenges, especially from a testing perspective. For example, most organizations are not reliant on Kafka alone, but a multitude of interconnected APIs like REST, GraphQL and gRPC. One of the questions that arise from this challenge: How do you build end-to-end tests when the APIs are completely different technologies—without relying on fragile scripts? In our talk, we’ll tackle this question and many more when it comes to the testing of Apache Kafka endpoints and your services architecture. We’ll cover what makes testing in EDA difficult; technologies that can help you; and how we at SmartBear are thinking about these testing problems and, most importantly, how we are trying to solve for them.

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