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Streaming Data Analytics with ksqlDB and Superset

Streaming data systems have been growing rapidly in importance to the modern data stack. Kafka’s kSQL provides an interface for analytic tools that speak SQL. Apache Superset, the most popular modern open-source visualization and analytics solution, plugs into nearly any data source that speaks SQL, including Kafka. Here, we review and compare methods for connecting Kafka to Superset to enable streaming analytics use cases including anomaly detection, operational monitoring, and online data integration.


Robert Stolz

Robert is an interdisciplinary data engineer and developer advocate at Preset, the company behind the open-source visualization software Apache Superset. He has developed the open-source software behind a number of scientific breakthroughs in computational biology and has co-authored work in Nature, PNAS, and other leading interdisciplinary journals.

As a data engineer, Robert is way into real-time and streaming data systems as well as their applications.