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Principles in Data Stream Processing

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Data stream processing is, for many of us, a new paradigm with which you process data and build applications. In this talk, we will take you on a journey through the theoretical foundations of stream processing and discuss the underlying principles and unique problems that need to be addressed. What actually is a data stream anyway? And how do I use it? How do streams relate to application state and when do I use the one or the other?

ksqlDB and Kafka Streams are both, at their core, designed to help build stream processing applications and we will explain how stream processing principles are reflected in the design of each system and what trade-offs were chosen (and - more importantly! - why). Finally, we take a look into the future how the stream processing space, and in particular ksqlDB and Kafka Streams, may evolve over the next few years as we outline extensions and improvements to the underlying conceptual model. So, bring your thinking hats and notepads and prepare to learn WHY these systems are the way they are!

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