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Lessons From the Field: Catalog of Kafka Deployments

Streaming architectures have been on the rise steadily and as a result, we have seen the adoption of Kafka go up too. With the diverse spread of use cases across multiple industries, we have seen a variety of Kafka deployments across our hundreds of Kafka customers. Along the way, we have learnt some best practices as well as what not to do in mission-critical architectures. Join Joe Niemiec, Sr. Product Manager at Cloudera, as he shares these insights in this session that covers topics such as - The many ways that Kafka has been deployed in the field Standalone clusters, multiple clusters in a single data center and multiple clusters geographically distributed performing replication Clusters of all sizes small and large, few messages to hundreds of thousands per second Discussion about architecture failure domains Configurations tuned and used in specific deployments


Joseph Niemiec

Joe is a lifelong technologist with a passion for Big Data and Stream Processing technology with over a decade of experience in the Big Data landscape. Some of the Big Data use cases he has implemented during his career involve petabyte scale connected vehicle telematics data collection and call center crisis prediction. Prior to Cloudera he worked with a social media firehose distributor who had exclusive distribution rights to multiple social media platforms all being delivered by utilizing Kafka at the core of the architecture.