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Kafka for Microservices – You Absolutely Need Avro Schemas!

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Whether you are deploying a new application in Microservices or transitioning from a monolithic database application to a cloud-ready architecture, you will inevitably face the decision of either creating a service mesh of API’s – or – using an event bus for better durability, reliability and extensibility of your application. If you choose to go the event bus route, Kafka is an excellent choice for several reasons. One key technology not to overlook is Avro Schemas. They provide a definition for your event payload, just like an API, to ensure all of the event consumers can reliably consume the events. They also handle schema evolution as requirements change and much, much more.

In this talk we will discuss all the nuances and considerations around using Avro Schemas for your JSON event payloads. From developer tools, to DevOps approaches, versioning, governance and some “gotchas” we found when working with Avro Schemas and the Confluent Schema Registry.

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