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Kafka for Connected Vehicle Research

Connected and Automated Vehicle education (CAVe)-in-a-box is an educational tool developed under the FHWA Workforce Development project. CAVe-in-a-box is an interconnected set of Intelligent transportation system equipment that was developed to serve as training and educational resources for the emerging Intelligent transportation system workforce. (CAVe)-in-a-box uses Kafka for real-time data streaming, data processing, visualization, and data collection. In this talk, we explore how Kafka is being used in cutting-edge connected and automated vehicle research.


Pavle Bujanovic
Samir Tabriz

Samir Tabriz is a software engineer at Leidos' operation of the Saxton Transportation Operations Laboratory (STOL) at the Turner- Fairbank Highway Research Center. Samir works on developing research platforms related to connected and automated cars and future transportation systems. Samir received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from UCLA. Samir specializes in the areas of backend systems, data engineering, connected autonomous vehicles, and computer vision.