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Kafka & InfluxDB: BFFs for Enterprise Data Applications

Modern data processing applications built on Kafka and InfluxDB deliver the performance, reliability, and flexibility that customers need for robust real-time data pipeline solutions. As the saying goes, the pipeline is greater than the sum of its Kafka and InfluxDB parts. In this session, Russ Savage, Director of Product Management at InfluxData will discuss basic concepts of integrating Kafka and InfluxDB while highlighting how companies are creating fault-tolerant, scalable and fast data pipelines with the power of InfluxDB and Kafka.


Russ Savage

Russ Savage is a Product Manager at InfluxData where he focuses on enabling DevOps for teams using InfluxDB and the TICK Stack. He has a background in computer engineering and has been focused on various aspects of enterprise data for the past 10 years. Russ has previously worked at Cask Data, Elastic, Box, and Amazon. When Russ is not working at InfluxData, he can be seen speeding down the slopes on a pair of skis.