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How a Startup Prime Broker Uses Kafka

Learn how a fintech startup is using Kafka to turn trades worth billions of dollars into streams. Sachin Kumar, CTO at Clear Street, will walk attendees through how the team leverages Kafka to manage order state, change data capture, interoperability, and more.


Jad Abi-Samra
Sachin Kumar

Sachin is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Clear Street, a fintech startup and first prime broker built on cloud based infrastructure. He is a proven technology leader and has built three successful start-ups from the ground up, including Clear Street. Prior to Clear Street, Sachin was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Tolo Technologies, an international derivatives high-frequency trading firm with global presence. He was responsible for building out the technology stacks that conducted 24/7 trading around the world. Before Tolo, Sachin co-founded his first company, QED Trading, where he led the development of a high frequency options market making platform.