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How a Distributed Graph Analytics Platform Uses Apache Kafka for Data Ingestion in Real Time

Using Kafka to stream data into TigerGraph, a distributed graph database, is a common pattern in our customers’ data architecture. In the TigerGraph database, Kafka Connect framework was used to build the native S3 data loader. In TigerGraph Cloud, we will be building native integration with many data sources such as Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Storage using Kafka as an integrated component for the Cloud Portal.

In this session, we will be discussing both architectures: 1. built-in Kafka Connect framework within TigerGraph database; 2. using Kafka cluster for cloud native integration with other popular data sources. Demo will be provided for both data streaming processes.


Duc Le

Duc Le is an Engineering Manager at TigerGraph, and is lead developer for TigerGraph Cloud. He holds a masters degree in Management Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University. Duc's areas of specialty include full-stack development, cloud, containers and connectors.

Rayees Pasha

Rayees is responsible for core areas of TigerGraph’s Database Server and DBaaS offerings. His expertise is in the areas of data management and big data analytics. He has held product management roles delivering enterprise software in both traditional and SaaS environments. Prior to moving to Product management, he worked at Hewlett-Packard as a software designer working on different aspects of database management systems