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From Legacy SQL Server to High Powered Confluent & Kafka Monitoring System at SunPower

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In renewable energy, like many other businesses, customers have come to expect real time data feeding their applications, products, and services. And internally, businesses need real time data to facilitate how we monitor our products proactively, reduce customer support costs, and provide customers with features they didn’t previously have access to. But traditional, legacy databases can’t handle the real-time requirements nor scale up to handle increasing amounts of data, and cloud monoliths and tightly-coupled systems prevent building the desired features. At SunPower, we set out to improve our cloud-based platform using Confluent and Kafka to increase the velocity of product development and unlock new features for our customers. In this session, we will share our journey to build a real-time monitoring platform based on Confluent and Kafka and how we’ve been able to improve customer satisfaction ratings and boost referral-based sales as a result.

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