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Dissecting our Legacy: The Strangler Fig Pattern with Debezium, Apache Kafka & MongoDB

There is no denying the fact that many development efforts have to be spent on existing applications - legacy that is - which typically exhibit a monolithic design based on traditional tech stacks. Thus, affected companies strive to move towards distributed architectures and modern technologies.

This talk introduces you to the strangler fig pattern, which aids a smooth and step-wise migration of monolithic applications into separate services. The practical part shows how to apply this pattern to extract parts of a fictional monolith into its own service by featuring:

  • Apache Kafka, the de-facto standard for event streaming
  • MongoDB and its official connector for Apache Kafka
  • plus Debezium, a distributed open-source change-data-capture platform

After experiencing this talk, you have a better understanding and a concrete blueprint how to extract functionality from your monoliths, thereby gradually evolving into a (micro)service architecture and an en vogue tech stack.


Gunnar Morling
Hans-Peter Grahsl