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Data Policies for the Kafka-API with WebAssembly

Enforcing format, changing schema, introducing privacy filters have always been a challenge with the classical Kafka-API. In this talk we'll cover how to extend existing applications with webassembly, allowing developers to change the shape of data at runtime, per application without creating additional topics. By leveraging WebAssembly, we can extend the capabilities of the Kafka-API beyond what it was initially imagined. Come and learn about the future of the Kafka-API.


Alexander Gallego

Founder and CEO of Vectorized. Building Redpanda, a Kafka® replacement for mission critical systems. A systems engineer interested in low latency storage (vectorized.io), distributed stream processing (concord.io now Akamai IoT), databases and networking. Currently contributing to a new open-source RPC protocol that uses TCP kernel bypass & zero-cost serialization: https://github.com/senior7515/smf In a previous life, I invented an new Out-Of-Band pairing protocol.