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Confluent on Azure: Why You Should Add Confluent to Your Azure Toolkit

As a data professional, you are the glue that makes cross-platform integrations possible. With the increase in adoption of hybrid cloud architectures, Kafka is an increasingly relevant tool for building data pipelines between platforms and accelerating delivery on cloud projects. Early exposure to Kafka on Azure capabilities gives you an edge to build better mousetraps at the design phase.

Customers already running Kafka on premises and are looking to extend Kafka systems to Azure can get started quickly with Confluent Cloud. Additionally, DevOps for self-managed options can be easily scalable with Ansible for Virtual Machines or containers via Azure Kubernetes Services or Azure Container Instances.

This session is presented from the Microsoft Solution Architect perspective by Israel Ekpo, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect and Alicia Moniz, Microsoft MVP. They will cover use cases and scenarios, along with key Azure integration points and architecture patterns.


Alicia Moniz
Israel Ekpo

Israel is a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect in the Apps & Data team within Microsoft US One Commercial Partner. Container Orchestration, DevOps, High Performance Computing, Real Time Analytics and Event Processing with Open Source Software are his areas of speciality. In his role at OCP, he guides Microsoft Azure partners and customers developing solutions on the platform to select pragmatic tools, technologies and strategies in the implementation of their solutions.