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An Illustrated Introduction to Kafka, Confluent Platform, and Confluent Cloud

Join us as we take an illustrated tour of the Kafka ecosystem with clear, concise, and approachable explanations of the mot important components, features, and concepts to get started with Kafka. This presentation will be suitable for all audiences.


Travis Hoffman

Travis has more than 20 years of experience in everything from embedded systems, custom real-time java virtual machines, wrote a CI/CD in Perl (before it was called CI/CD),

In school, Travis studied Computer Engineering, Unconventional event-driven models of computation, promoted a Tango band, and drew a comic in his campus newspaper.

Travis lives on a hobby farm outside Vancouver, WA with his partner, 2 boys, 2 llamas, 4 alpacas, 5 cows, 12 chickens, and many sheep. He enjoys woodworking, farm chores, mending fences, and model trains.