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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at Confluent: 2022 Update Available Now

Confluent is committed to developing a strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program and strategy to conduct our business with integrity and build a sustainable future.

2022 ESG-Cover

At Confluent, we work to meet the needs of our key stakeholders, which include our customers, employees, investors, partners, and the local communities in which we operate. We strive to maintain a global workplace that’s equitable and fair, and to mitigate the environmental impact of our products, processes and services. Thanks to our talented people working as #OneTeam, our business continues to help our customers succeed while growing responsibly.

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Through Confluent’s ESG program and initiatives described in this report, we continually consider and improve our ESG impact. Our mission to set data in motion is aligned with this approach in that it increases IT efficiency and optimizes expenditures for our customers, while helping them to meet their ESG objectives.

  • For example, Confluent’s data streaming technology can help our customers to improve the energy efficiency of their infrastructure by placing workloads where the carbon footprint is the lowest.
  • Our technology can also enable companies to provide real-time availability for elder care or childcare resources to support their employees.
  • In addition, Confluent provides a data governance solution that helps customers expand their data streaming usage while easily meeting requirements for risk management and regulatory compliance.
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In this 2022 ESG Update, you’ll see some of the steps we’ve taken recently to address ESG issues. The update covers the first measurement of our carbon footprint data, along with highlights on how we are supporting our global workforce and our governance practices. This is the first step in an ongoing journey to measure and improve our ESG impact. To further detail advancements in our ESG journey as well as future goals, we plan to publish a full ESG Report in 2023.

Download the Confluent 2022 ESG Update to learn more about our ESG program and strategy.