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Learn Apache Kafka® from Confluent, the company founded by Kafka's original developers. Find training and certification guidance, including resources, and access to hands-on training and certification exams.

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Learn Apache Kafka® and Confluent

Find free courses, tutorials, videos, quick starts, and more to help you get started with Kafka and core data-in-motion and event streaming concepts.


There is no one size fits all. It’s up to you and how you prefer to learn: By interacting with an Instructor? At your own pace? We’ve got it both ways, and any way you choose.

Instructor-Led Courses

Take advantage of 3 days of hands-on training and interaction, tapping into not only a best-in-class instructor but an amazing peer group.


From the individual focused on being an expert in their specific role or on a specific technology, to needing to compliment that learning with instructor interaction, to entire Enterprises needing to educate 100’s of employees, we offer a broad spectrum of Subscriptions.


Validate your Apache Kafka®️ expertise with a well respected and highly recognized Confluent Certification.If you're just getting started with Kafka, we offer our Fundamentals Accreditation, a stepping stone to our more advanced Certifications.

Fundamentals Accreditation

Start building your career in event streaming with this Accreditation, your first step toward a Confluent Certification.

Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka® Confluent Certified Administrator for Apache Kafka®

Validate your Apache Kafka® expertise with a well respected and highly recognized Confluent Certification.

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Take a look at how our Customers have transformed their business by getting Confluent Educated.

Rodan + Fields Transforms Its Enterprise Data Platform with Confluent and Google Cloud

The emphasis on building in-house knowledge and expertise by working with Confluent’s Professional Services and Education teams has paid off: It enabled R+F to complete its move to GCP without needing to engage a third-party consultancy.

Training Tools

Got skills?

Take this short assessment of your Apache Kafka® knowledge to make sure you are ready for the Confluent technical training.

Get Fundamentals Accredited, for FREE.

Our entry level accreditation will test your basic knowledge of event streaming. Prove that you know what it takes, and get Confluent Fundamentals Accredited now!

Check out Our latest Online Talk Series.

New to stream processing? In this three-part online talk series we’ll cover everything you need to know, including why it’s important and the two most common ways to get started with stream processing in Kafka.

Certification Tools

Don't just take our word for it. Check out these testimonials.

Understand the value in and power of a Confluent Certification.

Take our Certification Bootcamp for ultimate readiness.

Get prepared to take and pass a Confluent Certification Exam, with an exam overview and effective test-taking strategies. This foundation will instill the confidence necessary for success.

Get ready with these Certification Exam Prep Questions

Available for either the Certified Developer for Apache Kafka® or Certified Administrator for Apache Kafka®, access these questions in preparation for the real thing!

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