Confluent Certification Program is designed to help individuals demonstrate and validate their in-depth knowledge of Apache Kafka.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the benefit for an individual to become certified?

    Certification is a good differentiator in the job market. You can show your current employer that you are well-versed in Apache Kafka – something which can help during salary negotiations and promotion discussions. If you're looking for a new job, you can use the Certification to stand out from the crowd and, again, use it as leverage during salary negotiations.

  • What is the benefit for an employer to have Confluent Certified staff?

    Systems integrators and others who provide Kafka services to other organizations can use the fact that they have Confluent Certified staff to stand out from the competition. In the Federal space, having Certified staff can be a critical differentiator. Employers looking for new staff can use the fact that some people are Confluent Certified as a way to quickly identify high-quality job candidates.

  • Does the Certification relate to Apache Kafka or Confluent Platform?

    Confluent Platform includes core Apache Kafka; therefore, the Certification is relevant to people who are using Kafka downloaded from the Apache web site or from a distribution such as Cloudera’s CDH or Hortonworks’ HDP, as well as people using Confluent Platform. The exams do include some questions related to the Schema Registry and REST Proxy; those are products created at Confluent, but they are open source and are widely used. Note that we also have some questions in the CCAK exam related to Kafka Connect, which is not supported by some Hadoop vendors.

  • Is the Certification linked to a specific version of Apache Kafka or Confluent Platform?

    Yes. The Certification exam is linked to the major Confluent Platform version. The current version of Confluent Platform is 3.x, so the current Certifications apply to Confluent Platform version 3.x. New Certification exams will be released when version 4.0 of Confluent Platform is released.

  • Does the Certification expire?

    Yes. The Certification expires after two years. We will provide recertification exams at a reduced fee, for as long as the major version of Confluent Platform the candidate is certified on is still active. (In other words, if you took CCDK for Confluent Platform 3.x, and by the time your certification expires we have released Confluent Platform 4.x, you’ll need to take a new certification exam for version 4.x, as certification for 3.x will no longer be available.)

  • How is the Certification exam administered?

    The Certification exam is a multiple choice exam, consisting of TBA questions which must be answered within TBA minutes. It is a proctored, online exam: the student must have a Webcam, and the proctor monitors the student for the duration of the exam.

  • Is this an ‘open book’ exam?

    No. You will not be permitted to refer to any external materials during the exam.

  • Do I need to attend a training course before taking the Certification exam?

    No. We do recommend, taking the Confluent Developer or Operations training course, as that will be very good preparation for the exam, but the training courses and the Certification exams are completely separate.

  • How much does the Certification exam cost?

    A single Certification exam costs $295. This entitles you to one attempt. If you do not pass, you will need to pay the fee again to retake. A candidate wishing to retake the exam must wait at least seven days to do so. Once a candidate has passed the exam, he/she may not retake that exam.

  • Are there sample questions available?

    No, but Confluent will publish a detailed outline of the exam content so there won't be any surprises on test day.

  • Do I need to be a Java programmer to take the Developer exam?

    Although you will not be asked to write code during the exam, you will need to be familiar with the key Java Producer, Consumer, and Streams APIs.

  • Do I need to know how to use Confluent Control Center to take the Administrator exam?

    No. Confluent Control Center is not covered in the Administrator exam.

  • Do I need to remember all of Kafka’s JMX metrics to take the Administrator exam?

    No. However, some key metrics may be used during the exam. The Study Guide will detail the specific areas.

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