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Business Impact of Data Streaming: State of Data in Motion Report 2022

Global survey of tech leaders shows real-time data streams can lead to more revenue and happier customers.

With 97% of organizations around the world tapping into real-time data streams, it is one of the most important technologies for surviving and thriving in today's dynamic, digital-first landscape. For the inaugural State of Data in Motion report, Confluent surveyed 1,950 IT and engineering leaders across six countries.

  • Findings show that data in motion can underpin businesses that excel, now and into the future. More than 80% of organizations report real-time data streams are critical to building responsive business processes and rich, customer experiences.

  • However, harnessing the full power of real-time data streams is difficult for many organizations. In fact, 60% of tech leaders say difficulties integrating multiple data sources are the biggest hurdle to accessing more real-time data.

  • Real-time data streaming becomes even more important as organizations struggle with cloud strategies. Only 39% of respondents say they’re “completely prepared” to operate in a hybrid cloud environment, where some of their data is in the cloud and some still on premises.

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Download the first global industry report that focuses on tech leaders’ experience with data in motion. Learn about the benefits they experience, the roadblocks they face with widespread adoption, and the role they believe real-time data streaming will ultimately play in their success.