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How One Mount Group Grew Vietnam’s Largest Tech Ecosystem on Confluent

“We moved to Confluent Platform because we needed a platform that was stable and could scale easily, and it has security features that we couldn't find from other platforms."

Trần Thế Chinh | Head of System Platform
One Mount Group Testimonial


One Mount had been using legacy technology but needed a more flexible and robust data architecture to support its three ambitious products.


Confluent Platform, Kafka Connect, and Schema Registry for a multi-region messaging system that can seamlessly handle data streaming and support all the digital products the company has founded.


  • 50% reduction in data streaming system integration workload
  • Reduced complexity and increased operational efficiency
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced overhead and TCO due to reduction in use of internal resources
One Mount Group image

One Mount Group was established with the ambition of creating Vietnamʼs largest technological ecosystem, providing solutions and services along the entire value chain in the financial services, distribution, retail, and real estate sectors. Their three major products serve a spectrum of stakeholders from individuals to small business owners to major corporate partners.

Read how they were able to realize their vision by moving from a legacy architecture to Confluent Platform, by building out a microservices-based model to support all three products, providing a scalable, flexible, robust, and real-time data architecture.

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